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cool coal energy

introducing coal power

taima abdelhafiz

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of cool coal energy

By: Taima Abdelhafiz :) Cool Coal Power!!!!!!!!!! introducing...
coal power!!! HI! Coal power comes from coal mines like the ones below.Boy, mining for coal sure is hard-and messy! ho watch this video to learn more about.......COAL. There is enough coal in the world to last us about 112 years?
Coal produces 40% of the worlds electricity?
Coal is used the most in the world to make electricity?
Coal is a fossil fuel along with oil and gas?
coal was formed 300 million years ago ?
coal is often called "dirty energy" because of its negative effect on the environment? COAL MINING Coal history Coal has been around for hundreds of years,
and has been harmful ever since.Mining
Companies think that they need
coal energy when we have soooo much
more energy sources. pros and cons of coal power use....
coal power has been harmful to our
environment ever since the people discovered it deep
underground.It pollutes & destroys animals habitats.
How awful is that?????!!!!
should we use it- or not???? w coal is made into electricity... cool coal facts! DID YOU KNOW... Want to learn about coal? want to learn about coal??? cool! WANNA LEARN ABOUT HOW MINERS MINE COAL? Coal mining sure is cool-and hard!!!!
miners dig deep underground and mine with
different machines and equipment these days,
such as a hammer crusher which is commonly
used in mines. well, let me take you on a journey through
coal history!!!!!! What do you think?
Use it-or not? i think we shouldn't use coal energy...Its too harmful to our environment
It pollutes the earth!!! A long time ago,kids the same age as you and me (or younger),used to mine coal too.
If its hard for grown up experts,imagine how hard it is for kids! i think we shouldn't use coal energy...Its too harmful to our environment
It pollutes the earth!!! Other energy sources.......... wind energy
solar energy nuclear energy hydroelectric energy geothermal energy coal is very very extremely harmful to our environment....... type of machine
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