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AB 109 Corrections Realignment

No description

Alison Newman

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of AB 109 Corrections Realignment

AB 109 Realignment Offenders Pathways
Post release community supervision.
AB 109 qualifying criminals.
Released from prison to the county, rather than parole.
Specific set of offenders, x 3 non, and 70 other offenses.
Community Supervision
Conducted by the Office of Probation.
for PRCS, 3 year maximum community supervision.
For 1170(5)(h)(b) post sentence supervision, time determined by judge at sentencing.
PRCS: Successfully Complete Supervision
Participate in Assigned Interventions
Community Corrections Resource Center (CCRC)
Range of programs available, including:
Mental Health
Behavioral interventions
Thinking for a Change
Moral Reconation Therapy
Individual cognitive behavioral therapy
Drug and Alcohol Assessment and Tx
Clean and sober houses
Education (GED classes for example)
Vocational services
Specific set of individuals, (3xnon) non-violent, non-sexual, non-serious offenses. AB 109 qualifying crime.
Either serving straight sentence 1170(h)(5)(a) or split sentence 1170(h)(5)(b).
Length of sentence determined by judge. Sentences can be long or short.
Probation Violation
Technical violations, custodial sanctions
Straight sentence:
Up to 180 days in jail
Flash incarceration, up to 10 days in jail.
Terminal Jail Sentence

End oversight by Humboldt County Corrections
End supervision after 6 months with custodial sanctions, and engaging in an incentive program, e.g Thinking for a Change or moral reconation.
Terminate supervision 1-3 years.
Possible minor technical violations,
no custodial sanctions
Mandatory early termination.
End supervision at 1 year, no custodial sanctions.
New crime, go to jail or prison, or probation, depending on severity and type of crime.

Under AB 109, realignment offenders released to county probation office, rather than parole.
Committed offense that is serious, sexual, violent, or one of 70 specific offenses that require prison time.
Mix of people in Humboldt County Jail.
Under AB 109-
1170(h)(5)(a) or 1170(h)(5)(b) eligible individuals on split or straight sentence.
After terminal jail sentence, community supervision ends.
Straight sentence, served at the county jail. Time determined by a judge at sentencing.
Split sentence, length of time determined at sentencing.
Part of sentence served as community supervision.
Split Sentence
Can be returned to jail to serve any portion of their remaining sentence.
Individual is sentenced
Proposition 47
Under Prop 47, specific individuals may have their sentences reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor. They would no longer be covered under AB 109, and Prop 47 would be their reason for early termination.
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