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A Pirate Prezi

Kimberly SJ

on 2 December 2015

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Transcript of TBWA\

TBWA\ A Pirate Prezi
Jean-Baptiste Armand
James Doran
Joseph Francia
John Kenny
Elizabeth Saxe
Kimberly Simun-Janson Sail the Seas of Diversity "One cannot discover new oceans if they are afraid to lose sight of the shore..." Strategy Treasure
Map Learning
and Growth Create synergy between company objectives and employee needs Synergy Internal
Perspective Stimulate interest in TBWA as an employer TBWA: Employer Generate genuine commitment to community building Increase cultural awareness throughout the organization Cultural
Awareness Foster Sense
Community Diverse workers meet diverse client base Diversity:
Two-Way Street Diverse thinking generates fresher ideas for customer needs Diverse Thinking Decrease money spent on recruitment and retention Decrease Costs Attract broader, more diverse employees and clients Customer
Perspective Financial
Perspective TBWA's Services Increased
Rates Employees feel more included TBWA's workforce will accurately reflect the population of the United States. Diversity is EVERYONE. Think Like a Pirate Current Employees New Employees Targets ALL levels of the organization "Think Like a Pirate" Introductory video
on employee's first day of work. Introduce themselves and their role in the company Both new employees and current employees will feel more INCLUDED "To me, to think like a pirate is to disrupt every idea and let my creativity flow...I love working for TBWA because it's so much cooler to be a pirate than to work for just another ad agency." Introductory Video TBWA Loan Assistance Program Give me back my booty! Argh you ready to take the Pirate Plunge? Service-based trips
Cultural experience
Selection process City selection Lima, Perú International or Domestic
Rotate each year Puericultorio Perez Aranibar children’s home SWOT Analysis Some of the most creative minds
in the
business Strengths Weakness Whirlpool Creative diverse people around the country would love working for TBWA Opportunities Headhunters from other firms Threats "Midnight" Runs

$2.25 per person-subway
$12 per trip-bus Financials TBWA\ agency TBWA\Peru Point system
Application process
4 participants Lima, Perú 1. priceline.com; limacabs.com
2. limaeasy.com LAP with TBWA\ Loan Assistance Program

Designed for recent graduates
Student loan debt
Aid increases with seniority
Average debt for recent graduates
2011 - $26,224*
2010 - $25,250** * http://projectonstudentdebt.org/state_by_state-data.php
** http://www.usnews.com/education/best-colleges/the-short-list-college/articles/2012/09/12/10-colleges-where-students-graduate-with-the-most-debt Think Like a Pirate:
Recruiting Competition Think Like a Pirate: Recruiting Competition Talent from diverse colleges

Two schools per event

Professor and student organization assistance

TBWA\ alumni ambassadors

Diverse recruiting pool * http://colleges.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-colleges/rankings/national-universities/campus-ethnic-diversity Cultural Immersion CULTURAL COOKING Attract
New Employees MATCH CHIAT TBWA: A Pirate-Sector Organization The Gold Conclusion Pirate Overview Agenda TBWA:
All about advertising SWOT Analysis Disrupting Diversity & Inclusion:
Our Ideas Cultural Cooking
Travel to Work
"Midnight" Runs
Pirate Plunge
"Think Like a Pirate" Intro Video Think Like a Pirate: Recruiting Competition Match Chiat and Webinars A Pirate Production:
Diversity & Inclusion in Action Diversity Scorecard Strategy Treasure Map The Gold Conclusion "Millennials who frequently participate in workplace volunteer activities are far more likely to be proud, loyal, and satisfied employees than those who rarely or never volunteer." FACTS PROBLEM = ANSWER Diversity is the issue. Let's turn this problem into an opportunity. THE WORLD ALWAYS NEEDS ADVERTISERS But how can we increase diversity & inclusion? 78% of Millennials say they are interested in learning something new when they travel. Millennials believe that anything we can imagine is possible. 2/3 of students graduate with an average debt of $25,000. Top Ten
Firm International
Presence Terrific
Clientele Beautiful
Offices Idea of
Disruption Will be ahead of the curve in terms of diversity Financials Lack of diversity High Turnover Rate TBWA is not the number one firm, Most people do not know who TBWA is - Advertise TBWA Many companies could use an advertising makeover Becoming complacent and losing innovative thinking Not being among the first firms to gain diversity Details Employee Led Dynamic
Diversity Held four times a year

Employees can volunteer
Interesting facts about culture Execution & Brief Financials "Midnight"
Runs During Happy Hour

Make sandwiches

Assemble lunch bags

Assemble toiletry kits Two Days, Two Stages Creation Distribution Transportation
Sandwich = $0.60
Chips = $0.33
Juice = $1.00

Total = $1.93 Lunch bags = $1.93 Toiletry Bags Donations from participants Toiletries Donations from office Foster Community 82% of Millenials prioritize personal relationships over material possessions and careers
2 hours of bowling

1 domestic beer tower per lane

1 drink ticket per person Events Refreshments available for additional costs Bowling Ice Skating Advertise upcoming events Webinars
$40.00 per person
50 people

$2,000.00 Financials Bowling Ice Skating Overall Financials TBWA\ Travel to Work
Foster inclusion

Provide a reliable way to work

Advertising opportunity

Public awareness Travel to Work Inclusion

New idea creation


More acquainted employees Bus Wrapping Advertise the work of TBWA\

Increase public awareness

Potential recruiting tool

Costs $8,000 per year Pick up & Drop off For the LA office, the pick up will take place in six areas

Beverly Hills/Westwood, Studio City, Venice, Malibu, Downtown, and Anaheim

One pick up and two drop offs per area

Bus service will be every other Monday Day of the Competition Random groups of 3 or 4

Must disable all electronic devices

20 minute time limit

Unique task

3 minute idea pitch to TBWA\ Competition Process Two rounds

Winning team determined by TBWA\

Winning team wins tour of TBWA\ office

Will travel to nearest location

Provides TBWA\ with narrowed down diverse recruiting pool Once per month Diversity
Scorecard Financial Information Bus rental costs are $950 per day for a 56 passenger bus

Total cost includes driver, fuel, toll expenses

Costs may be mitigated in several ways Cultural Cooking Travel to Work "Midnight"Runs Pirate Plunge LAP with TBWA "Think Like a Pirate" Video "Think Like a Pirate" Competition Match Chiat Financials Groups of 6

Subway and van distribution BUDGET: $1,250 - $1,750 per event Objectives Cultural Cooking Committee $15.00 per person
50 people

$750.00 Community Building Community Service Cultural Diversity Inclusion Diversity Retention Inclusion YET Question and answer session with HR
Located on the "Careers" tab Pirate Production Prize: "Midnight" Runs
Deciding culture:
Employees can vote
Committee formation DETAILS Low Cost
Team Building
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