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Petroleum and Solar Power

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Bob Bob

on 30 March 2013

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Transcript of Petroleum and Solar Power

Lets go more in depth Petroleum Petroleum, among all other fossil fuels, is formed when organisms die and get buried under several thousand feet of silt, sand or mud. Once this occurs it takes a couple million years to become a fossil fuel and because it takes so long to form, it's thus considered a nonrenewable resource. Transformer Solar Power How Petroleum is extracted Water Level Crude Oil Steam is pumped into the reservoir and heats up the petroleum (crude oil) and causes it to shoot upward out Then it is shipped out to the other parts of the world Sunlight is transformed into DC electricity DC in AC out Comparison -Not that expensive to gather -Very expensive to gather Solar Panels Petroleum -Technology used: Solar Panels -Technology used: Drills, wells -No harms to the environment. -As a result of using petroleum, it harms the environment Used for every day use. - Cheaper to use and create. -Expensive to create and use Petroleum is used for many many many things, such as powering our vehicles, creating plastic, insulation, etc. Petroleum Advantages Disadvantages -Harmful effects once used
-limited resource -Easy to store
-Easy to use Solar power Advantages Disadvantages Advantages and Disadvantages -No harmful effects on the environment
-Simple to gather -Doesn't work at night.
-Expensive to own If this were to be our primary way for generating electricity what effect would this have on individuals and the environment? If petroleum was our only source of electricity, then by now, we would run out of this source and smog would be covering the air. Also, many of the people living on earth would be deceased by now because of the lethal effects which result in brain and lung damage If solar power was our only source of electricity, then I'd say we'd be living very well because we could charge very large amounts of batteries for nights, storms, etc. Many people would be healthy and hardly any amounts of smog would be present. Petroleum Solar Power what recommendations would you make to local officials regarding the types of resources that could be used to generate electricity? What i would make local officials do regarding the types of resources that could be used to generate electricity is to make new laws concerning the health hazards caused from using fossil fuels and acts about conservation of fossil fuels [not because of risk of depletion but for hazards].
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