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Business Plan

No description

edna tiong

on 18 August 2014

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Transcript of Business Plan

Business Plan
(Precast Concrete Product)

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Market Opportunity Analysis
Market Trends
Executive Summary
5. Financial Plan
5.1 Project Implementation Cost

Market Needs
- to highlight the aspects of the business that need special consideration
- also identify our core competencies
- identify the weaknesses and threats to the business
- open our eyes to new opportunities
- understand our competitors
- use our financial resources more efficiently and ultimately more profitably
2.1 Organization Chart
2.2 Administration Personnel
Purpose of Plan

-provide services to the customer (easy way to complete their construction project)
-introduce new construction method in Sibu

Product or services and its advantages
- provides delivery services
provide difference sizes of pre-cast concrete products to the customer

-uniform and accurate units
-assembled on site in various conditions (cold weather and night time)
-assembled on site by semi-skilled labour
-not precast concrete industry at Sibu
-less competitor
- demand will increase
Market Segmentation
- Sibu Jaya (1200 acres self-sustaining township, 25000 population)
-Jalan Teku
-Jalan Kwong Ann
-Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman
-Jalan Lanang
-Jalan Salim
Market Analysis
Target Market Segment Strategy
precast concrete wall
precast concrete beam
Precast concrete column
Precast concrete Slab
Our Company Products
- clients
-local residents at any age
-the private company like the developers
-the government, or educational school (universities, college)
- ensure our products have been qualified and certified and kept in good condition
- no any precast concrete industry built and establish at Sarawak
- If need the precast concrete products, contractor / developer need order from Peninsular Malaysia
- by using water transportation to Kuching, then using truck transport the products to Sibu.
Market Growth
- Sibu has the strategically location
(confluence of Rajang & located at the centre of Sarawak)。

- Our products can fetch and transport by cargo or truck to Kuching, Miri, Brunei, and Sabah.

-Sarawak government also contributes the economic equally to every state to prevent imbalance of economy.

-Precast concrete industry in Sibu can help the government supply the precast products like to Bintulu, TanjungManis and Mukah where the development area under the Sarawak Corridor Of Renewable Energy (SCORE).
Industry Analysis

- Produce many types of precast concrete products.
- Introducing new and high technology machine.

1. Venture Description
1.1 Company Background
-located = Jalan Ding Lik Kwong
-is a partnership business
- have six partnership : Sim Chi Voon,
Tiong Siew Ling,
Tony Yu Soon Beng,
Catherine Yek,
Kingsley Ngu and
Ng Boon Tien
- each of the partnerships will receive 16% of the company share.
- name of PQRS Industry is come from
Productivity, Quality, Reasonable, and Sustainability
1.2 Owner Background
Sim Chi Voon- degree holder of Bachelor Business Management at UNIMAS,
-27 years old.

Tiong Siew Ling - Bachelor of Business Administration in UCTS,
-work as manager in Mini Rural Transformation Centre at Bekenu,
-25 years old.

Tony Yu Soon Beng- Bachelor of Quantity Surveyor in UCTS,
-work as an accountant at Maybank in Pahang,
-24 years old.

Catherine Yek.- Bachelor of Human Resources in UCTS,
-3 years working experience,
-works as a Manager of Human Resources at Maybank in Pahang,
-28 years old.

Kingsley Ngu- Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in UCTS,
-works as a Manager in CMS factory before,
-29 years old.

Ng Boon Tien- Bachelor of Finance in UCTS,
- work as Finance Manager at Public Mutual Berhad in KL,
- 24 years old.
1.3 Location
-Jalan Ding Lik Kwong
1.4 Vision
- To produce quality products with the reasonable selling price
- To provide the value of customers and saves time
1.5 Mission
- To provide the finest products and services to our customers
- To have superior returns for our shareholder and partner

1.7 Product and Service
- provide delivery service.
- the casting environment is easier to control
- Less labor is required by this can save the labor cost
- products can be installed immediately
- high market and the demand of precast concrete product
- introduce a fastest and cheapest way to the construction
- save time, cost, maintain quality
- hire unskilled worker
2.4 Schedule Of Remuneration
2.5 List Of Office Equipment And Supplies
2.6 Administration Budget
3. Marketing Plan

- faster and cheapest way to complete their construction projects
- target savvy consumers
- The average price for one unit precast concrete product is RM 270

3.1 Setting Marketing Objectives

- aim to achieve 20% awareness among the target audience within the first year of operation

- total market sale of precast concrete manufacturing in Malaysia is RM 8,784,187,500 and ,
-Sarawak has accounted for 10% of the total market sale that is RM 878,418,750.

-First year, we intend to establish a 0.36% market share in Sarawak.

- achieve a sales target of RM 3,000,000 before the end of the financial year
- attain constant annual growth of 10% revenue in each year of operation.
- First year will be focused on a local level through various promotions
We set our marketing objectives for our business by following the SMART approach




ime specific
-determine exactly what needs to be achieved, especially ours products market and sales target.

- Express objectives in measurable terms such as key performance indicators, outcomes, numbers, percentage, dollars, etc. For examples, our company estimated the marketing avenues are 11552 units, sales target are RM3,000,000 within minimum 500 numbers of consumer per year, and the total percentages of market share are 0.36%.
- State which actions need to be taken and who will take them, especially for the government projects.
- Objectives should be achievable with the resources available
- Specify time frames and schedules for achievement or completion. In 2015, our company need produce about 39 units of the products per day (deduction the national and public holiday in Sarawak).
3.2 Determining Products or Services
The precast concrete products are made up of reinforcement bar

mild steel bar of R-6, R-8 and R-10 steel bars
high tensile bar of Y-10, Y-12, Y-16, Y-20 and Y-25 steel bars
other material
Portland cement
Pulverized fuel ash
Limestone dust
Crushed rock
3.3 Target Market
- PQRS companies have been tested and certified by IKRAM QA services Sdn.Bhd and SIRIM QA Services Sdn.Bhd.

3.4 Sales Forecast
4. Operational Plan
4.1 Operation Plan For Precast Concrete Product

4.2 Material Input Cost
4.3 Process Flow Chart
5.3 Sales Forecast
Management Team
Our industry is lead by our Chief Executive Officer
Our CEO is Tony Yu Soon Beng
5 years experience in the construction firm
he also plan, implement and control the overall management of the business.
Financial Projection
1.6 Operational Date
- operate on 1 January 2015

3.5 Market Size And Trend

invite a lot of contractor, developer, consultant team and government
to make the consumers trust to our products
use the high quality materials which had quality assurance in the market
3.6 Competitor Analysis

3.7 Marketing Strategies
Product and service strategy
- provides the fine quality products to customers
- method of the manufacturing is quality controlled

Pricing strategy
- Penetration Pricing as our pricing strategy.
- Produce the high quality precast products and setting the negotiable price.

Place strategy
- Product is manufacturing in our own industry to the individual design of our customers

Promotion strategy
- through the newspaper
(Utusan Sarawak, The Borneo Post, The New Sarawak Tribune, See Hua Daily News and United Daily News.)
4.5 Forecasting the inventory cost for raw material, work-in-progress and finished goods
Ours products:
quality specifications
durable and energy-efficient

reacts to create a crystalline matrix with a high compressive strength when mixed with water
matrix binds the sand and gravel together and creates concrete

to ensure the energy-efficient of precast concrete products
make sure the thermal mass of precast concrete absorbs and releases heat slowly
insulation is often used in architectural panels and sandwich wall panels
maintain the sustainability
4.6 Sales Forecast
The average cost of production of one unit of precast concrete product is about RM 120.
Total expenses per year/Total number of unit per year = RM 2,693,052.90/22400
= RM 120.20

estimate price per unit
= Precast concrete slab is RM 300
= Precast concrete floor is RM 300
= Precast concrete beam is RM 250
= Precast concrete column is RM 230
= Precast concrete wall is RM 270
average price of one unit of precast concrete product is RM 270

Per day produce 67 units products
1 week produce 467 units products
1 month produce 1867 units products
1 year produce 22400 units products

Total unit of precast concrete products x Price per unit = 22400 x RM 270 = RM 6048000
4.4 Process Flow Chart& planning agenda for each activity
5.3 Forecasted Income Statement and Balance Sheet
5.4 Financial Position

can bring new construction trend to whole Sarawak
can achieve our goals that we set

- marketing avenues are 22400 units,
- sales target are RM35,000,000
- minimum 500 numbers of consumer per year,
- total percentages of market share are 0.69%.
Precast concrete Floor
Group Member
Sim Chi Voon,
Tiong Siew Ling,
Tony Yu Soon Beng,
Catherine Yek,
Kingsley Ngu
Ng Boon Tien
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