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Present simple

No description

Sontac Nicoleta

on 3 February 2013

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Transcript of Present simple

- states

- general truths or facts, permanent
situations Present simple is used to express: - habitual, repetitive actions (routines)

I go to school
every day. Form: Positive statements:
I come from Spain.
He comes from Spain.
Negative statements:
I don't come from Spain.
He doesn't come from Spain.
Interrogative statements:
Do you come from Spain?
Does he come from Spain? Pay attention! Verbs ending in ss, s, ch, sh, x, o add es instead of s alone, to form the third person singular:
I teach - he teaches
I go - he goes
When y follows a consonant we change the y into i and add es:
I copy - he copies,
but verbs ending in y following a vowel obey the usual rule:
I play - he plays. Present simple is often used with adverbs
or adverb phrases such as:
I never go to the cinema.
She sometimes visits me at home.
We usually drink tea.
He is often tired in the morning.
I always travel by bus.
I see her once/ twice a week.
They visit their cousin every Tuesday. Present simple tense Mary goes to church
every Sunday. Fish live in the water. Water freezes at zero degrees.
I feel good.

We don't like fast food.
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