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The Roles of a Sports Psychologist

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lee chapman

on 10 September 2018

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Transcript of The Roles of a Sports Psychologist

Performance Enhancement
The Roles of a Sports Psychologist
Injury Rehabilitation
periods of injury can be devastating for athletes
the psychologist must help avoid depression and losses in self-confidence
and ensure the athlete is prepared to return to competition mentally
Performance = potential - psychological interference
A sports psychologist must help;
prepare an athlete psychologically
help them during the performance
help them for specific events and competitions
An athletes lifestyle can affect performance
eating, sleeping, relaxing and socializing can all impact on how a player performs
also stressful events in life (relationships, family etc.) can also impact on performance
a sports psychologist can may also be required to help manage these issues
Performance Enhancement
(cc) photo by twicepix on Flickr
(cc) photo by tudor on Flickr
Team Building
Sports Psychologist
Team Building
The sports psychologist needs to analyse how the team work together
They must also develop team spirit
assess and develop leadership in the group
Many sports psychologists are based at universities and colleges
as such they will teach on a range of sports psychology courses
The psychologist will also provide education to coaches and players techniques to help improve and why they should use them
Lifestyle Management
Work with players or clubs on a full or part-time basis
give them skills/techniques to help enhance performance
work alongside coaches
also work with non-sporting individuals in terms of motivation to exercise
In any area of science the individuals working in that field must help to enhance the body of knowledge
a sports psychologist should record their experiences for others to learn from
some individuals will be involved in formal research
this involves experiments,questionnaires, data collection etc...
Aims and Objectives
Describe and explain the roles of a sports psychologist
demonstrate the roles of a sports psychologist
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