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The Biological approach-key assumptions

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Megan Warnock

on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of The Biological approach-key assumptions

The biological approach tries to explain how we think, feel and behave in terms of physical factors within the body.

Two important biological factors in control of the human behavior are the
nervous system

Defining the approach
Including the brain its made up of nerve cells called
that convey messages around the body
Within in the neurone is an electro-chemical called a nerve impulse.
However there a minute gaps between neurones and chemical messages are passed between them
The chemicals that cross the gaps between neurones are called neurotransmitters
The nervous system
Genetic make up

The nervous system
Thespace between two neurones which is crossed by chemicals called nuerotransmitters
Special locations on the surface of the nuerone to which neurotransmitters attach and cause action potentials
:the brain and spinal cord which together organise c0mmunication within the body
Spinal chord:
Key terms
The Biological approach-key assumptions

Key Definitions
: A nerve cell. The send electrical messages (nerve impulses) long their length
: A chemical released at the end of a neurone to pass a message onto another neurone, a muscle or a gland
: specific functions of the brain are controlled by particular ie localised areas of the brain
Our genetic make-up is important in determining our individual characteristics, abilities and behaviour.
: Units of information that are inherited from our parents. They conrtol, or influence, characteristics such as risk of mental health disorders, personality and sexual development.
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