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No description

Reid Bradley

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of Nike

Even though Nike has many headquarters around the world, their main headquarters are located in Beaverton, Oregon.
Where are their main Headquarters Located?
When was Nike founded?
Who Do They Sponsor?
Nike sponsors many athletes
Tiger Woods, Rafael Nadal, Christiano Ronaldo, Andres Iniesta, Isco, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Michael Jordan.
It also sponsors many teams, like:
Barcelona, Manchester City, Manchester Utd., Atletico de Madrid, and all the NFL jerseys
How do they create their products
They mostly make them all around the world, their main headquarters is in Oregon, they don't make products there they just make special parts there. They make them in their factories all over the world
Why was Nike founded ?
Nike was founded for two reasons.
Because Bill Bowerman, he coached the University of Oregon running team and he wanted better equipment for his runners.
The other reason is because of Knight, he wanted to make a living without giving up his love for athletics. With them two together they made the most epic sports products ever.
It was founded on January 25,1964. And even though, the Nike company has only been around for 30 years, it is one of the top stores in the whole world!
Fun Facts
They have more than 44,000 employes.
Its first name was Blue Ribbon Sports on January of 1964.
It became Nike Inc. on May of 1978
The "swoosh" was designed by a college student called Carolyn Davidson on 1971.
The swoosh logo and the "Just do it" slogan are one of the best trademarks in the world.
Nike produces around 50,000 product styles a year and sells in 160 countries.
By: Reid Bradley, Oscar Vides, Joan Caminals, and Carolina Agurcia
15 people
3 people
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This graph includes the stock values for Nike and Adidas last year
Table of Contents
This is an article about the different players Nike sponsors, and how much money they use on players...
Me kill u
3. Why was nike founded?
4. When was nike founded?
5. Where are their main headquarters?
6. How do they make their products?
7. Who do they sponsor?
8. Fun Facts
9. Nike or Adidas?
10. Graph
11. Article
12. Bibliography
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