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Media Gone Wild

ToK Presentation

Nikhil Agarwal

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Media Gone Wild

MEDIA JEOPARDY Groups Group 1 Mr. Kinzer
Jessica Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Ivana
Leonie Jaydev
Megan Karim
Topic 1 GROUP 2:
Topic 1 GROUP 3:
Topic 1 GROUP 4:
Topic 1 GROUP 2:
Topic 2 GROUP 1:
Topic 2 GROUP 1:
Topic 3 GROUP 2:
Topic 3 GROUP 3:
Topic 3 GROUP 4:
Topic 3 GROUP 1:
Topic 2 GROUP 4:
Topic 2 5 people were walking
on the road. Suddenly,
in the distance, there
appeared to be shiny light.
Wondering what this was,
the group ventured closer,
only to discover it was
one guilder. From the five
people, one abruptly
jumped and seized the
guilder. To which race
did this person belong to? Thud. Outside my room I hear footsteps. Thud. All of sudden, I hear my the creaking of my door as it is slowly being opened. Startled, i wake up, only to find my television floating in midair. I scream. Discombobulated, the burgular drops the television and fleas. To which race does this crimnal belong to? Excuse me ladies and gentlemen, this is your new captain speaking. I am sorry to announce that the old captain was relieved of his duties, as well as his copilot. We will be "landing" on a new runway. In order to make this proccess as smooth as possible, give all your valubles to the stewards and do as I say. If you have not realized by now, this plane has been hijacked. Thank you! Yet again, we have another confirmed attack on a local market. So far, we have 72 recorded casualties, 47 of them being fatal. We currently suspect a suicide bomber, however, we cannot identify his race. If you know anymore information on the suspect, please let us know. A group of friends walk into the supermarket looking to buy hair products. My friend suggested to buy gel to keep our hair looking stylish. However, I disagreed with him, stating I have a better way to keep our hair stylin' and profilin', a way which is natural and healthy for the hair. I suggested we use oil. Fresh oil. There were five people on a basketball team. In order to be on the basketball team, they all needed to have a B average. However the star player of the team had a C average, and therefore could not do what he did best, shoot, steal and run. A guy wants to become the rich. In order to do so, he thought of an idea. This idea was dirty, expensive, and hard. His idea dealt with some kind of gold. Which race did this guy belong to? One day, a lady had a problem with her computer. In order to get it fixed, she dialed the number given by the computer's manufacturer. After being placed on hold for 7 minutes, someone picks up at the other end. To which race might the person belong to? A family was eating bread on a Saturday night. Out of nowhere, there was a knock on the door. The family decided to ignore this knock as it was already late that night. After two minutes, men with guns broke down the door, and took the family away, to a place where they were forced to do hard labour. To what race did the family belong to? There was this girl who always thought she was smart. She attended free lessons given by a tutor. Despite, the free lessons and her rigourous work effort, she always failed or barely passed her tests. Which race does she belong to? There was a sale of 50% off on anything in the store. The store opened at 8 AM, however, there was one person waiting outside since 4 AM. When the person went into the store, she realised, she did not want to waste her money. Which race was this? A week ago, drugs became legalized thus causing a large influx of immigrants to this nation. In addition, drug trafficking in this nation significantly reduced. To what race did the largest percentage of immagrants belong to? Knowledge Issue To what extent does our perception affect our knowledge in the are of human sciences? TO What extent does media affect our perception, and therefore our knowledge in the Area of human sciences Perspectives Thank You!
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