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Advanced Search and Report

No description

nikki castellanos

on 11 August 2014

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Transcript of Advanced Search and Report

What to do with your results
Print or Download
Special Fields
Using Excel
Specific Searches
Time Between IEP
Meeting and Affirm
Search and Report Generator Advanced
Service Filters
Discipline Filters
DRDP Filters
Mailing Labels
Bulk Transfers
60-Day Timeline
No 800 Svcs for Age 16-22
More Specific Searches
Testing Participation
Table D
Student listed with my DOR but served in another District/SELPA
Only Speech Services vs.
Multiple Services
Thank you!!!
Bulk Changes
Combine First and Last Name
=A2&" "&B2

If you want a coma to separate them =B3&", "&A3
Pages 4-7 of the handout give instructions on bulk changes.

lets move to page 8 of the handout...
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