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No description

Allison Hyden

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Styx

Styx Goddess of Hatred, Underworld, and Unbreakable Oaths. Names & Symbols Hate Home Weapons, Powers, & Traits Modern Day Styx Realatives Parents: Styx lived in the Underworld, primarily on the River Styx, which she controlled and was given to by Zeus. Weapons: The Styx would be called Stella in mordern day times. I could see the Styx being a really harsh and hateful Judge in the court of law. She would sentence people according to the crime, as she would the Gods if they broke an oath. She would live in a nice house by a lake. Styx would drive an NCR M16, because it's a dark motorcycle, and it looks like something a person with a lot of hatred would drive. She would be beautiful, yet single up until she is around 27, when she meets her partner, Pallas, or in modern day times, Penealape. They adopt four kids, for obvious reasons. They would live a great life up until Stella's mid-life crisis. She has so much hate built up that she goes on a murderous rampage and then kills herself, ultimately ending up in hell, where her home is in Greek mythology. Love Greek Name: Roman Name: Styx Symbols Associated: There are not any specfic symbols associated with Styx, but I would assume that maybe anger, betrayal, or any dark presence could represent her. Okeanos and Tethys Sisters: Admete, Akaste, Amphiro, Asia, Dione, Doris, Electra, Eudora, Europa, Eurynome, Galaxaura, Hippo, Ianeira, Lanthe, Idyia, Kallirhoe, Kalypso, Kerkeis, klymene, Klytia, Kryseis, Melobosis, Menestho, Metis, Okyroe, Ourania, Pasithoe, Peitho, Perseis, Petraie, Plexaura, Plouto, Polydora, Prymno, Rhodeia, Telesto, Thoe, Tyche, Xanthe, and Zeuxo. Note: With the information I was presented, it showed no evidence of her having a brother. Offspring: Zelus, Nike, KratSs, and Bia. Mate: Pallas With the information presented, it showed no set weapon for the Goddess Styx. Special Powers: She didn't have any special powers, but she could kill a God if they did not follow through with an oath. She could also make them drink from the river, causing them to lose their voice for nine years. Traits: She didn't have many traits, other than being hateful. Sources http://www.theoi.com/Khthonios/PotamosStyx.html http://www.mythagora.com/bios/styx.html http://www.mlahanas.de/Greeks/Mythology/Styx.html Styx The Styx was a Goddess of the Underworld, Hatred, and Unbreakable Oaths. She was part of the Titan generation of Okeanides, and her parents were Okeanodes and Tethys. and She was an ally of Zeus in the Titan war, and Zeus rewarded her by giving her the River Styx, which is said to flow through and out of the Underworld. Her mate was Pallas, who is a woman, so she was a homosexual. They somehow had four children, and they were Nike, Kratos, Zelos, and Bia. She killed Gods or made them drink from the River Styx if they broke an oath, causing them to lose their voice for nine years. By: Allison Hyden
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