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Articles of Confederation

This presentation is based on Virginia SOL 7a.

Lindsay Horne

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Articles of Confederation

WEAKNESS #2 The AOC provided for a weak federal government - think about why they didn't want the government to have too much power! WEAKNESS #1 Congress could not collect taxes from the colonies nor could it regulate commerce (large-scale trade). The Articles of Confederation was the colonies FIRST plan for government during the Revolutionary War. The AOC is a CONSTITUTION
which is a written body (group) of
principles a nation uses. WEAKNESS #3 The Articles of Confederation provided for NO COMMON CURRENCY. WEAKNESS #4 WEAKNESS #5 It provided for NO executive or judicial branch (only a legislative branch). USI.7a - New Nation Articles of Confederation The AOC had 5 main weaknesses Each state had ONE vote regardless of the population. Large states didn't like this, small states did.
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