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ICT in School management

No description

Sadia Haque

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of ICT in School management

ICT in School Management
What does school management system mean?
A school management system is a software application for education establishments to manage student data. It is also called 'School Information Management System (SIMS)'. It manages all of a school's data in a single, integrated application.
Let's look closer to the school
management systems :

Student details
Management system
Why do schools record this data?
How did school record student data before computers?
Problems with paper-based student records:
What are computerized school
management system?
Student details
Student attainment
Student behavior
Manage users
Manage news
Financial records
Types of application and their effectiveness for administrative activities in school
To improve and increase the utilization of ICT
Administrative tasks to make their work more efficient and effective
Student personal details
Attendance details
Manage users
Manage news
Manage school employment
Manage stuff information
Manage financial records
Manage administrations
Parents can be contacted quickly, using phone numbers, address, etc
Be aware of special medication a student might require
Award students who achieve 100% attendance and good results
Be aware if students miss too many school days
School stuffs know where students are all the times (using timetable)
Evidence of poor behavior to discuss with parents
Provide data for parents (effort level, grades, attitude, etc)
Students records used to be recorded in paper-based books (registers, mark books, etc)
Teachers would use books with pages that were divided into of small squares to record dates, about the students who were present or absent, grades, etc.
Incorrect entries are difficult to change (cross out or use messy correction fluid)
Difficult to search (have manually flick through lots of pages)
Record books can be lost or damaged (if books are lost then records would be gone)
Computerized databases solve nearly all of this problems. Whereas a paper-based system would need expensive labor and reorganization in order to change the sequence and order of, a digital database could be re-ordered instantly with a single click, thus data could be immediately be re-sorted.
Modern methods of recording students data includes the use of computerized relational databases (relational databases use two or more linked tables in order to store the information that they contain in
Computer-based school information systems are often 'integrated' ( an integrated system means that all of the data we need to record about student is entered and accessed from the same system rather than several different system
Now let's look through the advantage and disadvantages :
Provide up-to-date students information to parents (for grades, behavior, etc)
East to search for records
Easy to update records
They help tackle truancy
Easier for teachers to produce and print teachers reports
Some systems work online which allow parents to see their child's progress from home
School management systems are very expensive to buy
Personal data must be secured so security measures have to implement. This is expensive
These systems are often complex use. Staff and teachers need to spend time training
The End
Presented by : Sadia Haque
Zeenat Kurtha
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