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Celebrations of the Algonquin Peoples

What and when will they celebrate?

Nimun 25

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of Celebrations of the Algonquin Peoples

The Algonquins celebrated many festivals. Whom would the Algonquins Invite? What would the Algonquins prepare to eat? What would they do at festivals? Thanks for watching!! Why and What did the Algonquins celebrate? Celebrations of the Algonquins! The Algonquins did many things at festivals. Firstly, the Algonquin people danced to traditional songs which were mostly played on the drums. Also, they would eat mainly caribou, deer, and herbs. In fact, the Algonquins even made sacrifices using animals. In addition, they purified themselves and freed themselves of all sins by burning sweet grass. Most important, they enjoyed themselves by eating, dancing, and of course, having fun! In conclusion, the Algonquins did lots of things at celebrations. The Algonquins had many celebrations. The Algonquins celebrated many festivals all year round. First of all, they celebrated births. Next, they celebrated puberty. However, they also celebrated adulthood. After, they celebrated the harvest festival. Later, they celebrated the corn planting festival and the new years festival. In conclusion, the Algonquins had many festivals at different times. The Algonquins celebrated all their celebrations for a cause. The Algonquins celebrated marriage because it meant the union of two families. Also, they celebrated puberty because it was considered a sign that the girl should be married soon. In fact, they celebrated adulthood because it meant the start of hunting for young boys. Furthermore, the Algonquins celebrated births because it was considered a gift from the creator, god. In addition, they celebrated the new year because it was meant to start afresh in a new life. In fact, the corn planting, the harvest, and the trawberry festivals were all celebrated in the fall to save and grow crops for the winter. In conclusion, the Algonquins celebrated all their festivals for a reason. The Algonquins invited many people at their festivals. To begin with, the Algonquins invited neighboring families and relatives because it was considered the more people you have at a festival, the higher social status you have. For example, they also invited elder and wiser members of the tribes to give their blessings. The Algonquins also invited medical men and/or women to give there consent and advise on the arrangements of the particular festival. Finally, they invited priests to conduct the celebration. To conclude, the Algonquins invited different people for different reasons. The Algonquins ate many things at festivals. The Algonquins would mainly eat buffalo and/or caribou at celebrations because it was most common. Furthermore, if they had it, the Algonquins would prepare pumpkins, melons, corn, squash, herbs, spices, and beans. For instance, they would also eat fish, moose and bears to increase the variety. To conclude, the Algonquins ate lots of things at celebrations.
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