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Facebook: Does Social Marketing Work?

No description

Yeji Kim

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Facebook: Does Social Marketing Work?

Facebook : Does Social Marketing Work? Digital Business
Kim, Yeji Why is facebook a
good marketing tool? Facebook’s marketing product But!!! Ford Motor Company’s Doug campaign Q&A Thank you The ability to create a Facebook page Promoted post Sponsored story Reach Generator Ads for apps Sponsored result 75% soon.. investors and marketers Does Facebook’s
Social marketing
and advertising
platform work? VS US company use Facebook for marketing purpose 88% of Coca cola Skittles Starbucks NEW MODEL Targeting : people between the ages of 26 to 34
Achieving brand awareness and credibility with wine retailers
Share their passion for riesling
Building an online community of riesling lovers Pacific Rim Riesling 43,000 fans Way To rebuild the brand’s image

To Discover and engage with younger drivers

To Create market buzz making people come to Showrooms The answer was Doug! Doug's facebook page Facebook : bringing a new product to a new audience
Creating buzz and viral excitement
Increasing favorability ratings with its intended audience More favorable view towards the Focus More Potential of considering a Focus purchase Contest – 150 word essays
$1000 over 15week 200,000 cases wine a year
Increase brand awareness
15% increase in revenue
73% increase in transaction 15,000fans But Not financial success for facebook $95million 5%.... Do you think Facebook marketing works?
Does Like turn into sale?
How do we know the marketing on facebook is success or not?
How can FB increase its sustainable revenue?
Talk about Facebook marketing's future What effects you most when you buy? Television advertisement Google ad. flyer sheet Friends' recommendation These are
all ways of marketing! Marketing is the process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers.
It is a critical business function for attracting customers. Now, Companies are trying to use as a marketing tool Facebook Pepsi Refresh project Pepsi had Super Bowl Ads for over 20 years
It invested 10billion dollars in Super Bowl Ads every year Uploading Ideas about Health, Arts&culture, Food&Shelter, the planet ,Education, Neighborhood Market share decreased
Sale for six quarters dropped
the manager and advertising agency were fired 3 But Successful Think about it.. These are
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