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P3 - Identify emerging network technologies

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Adam Livings

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of P3 - Identify emerging network technologies

Server Virtualisation
This is where a physical server is split into multiple virtual servers. This means that one server can be used as a file, web and email server all at one time.
This allows businesses to maximize the amount of space they don't have to buy separate servers, this will save them money which they can spend on other areas of the business
VOIP (voice over internet protocol)
VOIP is the method of taking analogue signals that you hear over the phone and turning them into digital data packets which support real time, two way conversations. Examples of where VOIP is being used would be programs such as Skype and Google Hangout; these programs allow the user to talk over the internet to people all over the world.
Most VOIP interactions will use the H.323 protocol, this is a protocol standard for multimedia communications such as VOIP. It was specifically designed to support real time transfer of digital information, such as the information that would be transferred over VOIP.
The impacts of VOIP are that it allows families and friends to stay connected even if they are living opposite sides of the world. Another impact would be that for a business VOIP could potentially be free, this is due to them likely already having an internet connection. Whereas using a telephone to call around the world would be expensive
P3 - Identify emerging network technologies
M1 - Describe the potential impacts of emerging network technologies
Adam Livings 06/09/13
Cloud Storage
Cloud storage means that you can store files of data or information on an internet based server. This means you can access your files from anywhere you have an internet enabled device as well as upload new files from the same place.

The impacts of cloud storage are that a business no longer needs to worry about having a back-up server in a separate physical location because they can back-up all of their files onto a cloud server.
However, this could pose a problem if the internet was to go down and they needed to retrieve files from the server.
Audio/Video on demand
VOD and AVOD is the ability to watch video and audio on demand. Normally IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) is the normal medium over which VOD/AVOD is delivered. This is because on demand programs are transmitted quicker and easier over the internet than over an aerial connection.
The impacts of VOD/AVOD are that people don't have to worry about missing their favorite TV show because they can download it on demand when they get home.
Airborne Internet Network
Airborne Internet is a new technology that will include lightweight planes taking wireless technology into the sky, at an altitude of around 60,000 feet. This height will leave the aircraft undisturbed by weather conditions and flying well above commercial airlines. This technology will provide the users with an internet connection that will rival the connective speed of a T1 cable.
This will impact on people because they will be able to receive an incredibly fast speed. This will speed up all day to day internet activity as well as download and uploading speeds.
4G is the latest in mobile communication. which has serious speed improvements over the previous 3G.
The impacts of 4G mean that the mobile communication users will have faster access to the internet while out and about using 4G. This could mean that if they are lost, they can use their maps to get them to a save place quickly.
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