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Shell Sort

Algorithm for sorting

Rahul Patel

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Shell Sort

How Insertion Sort Works How Shell Sort Works Insertion Sort vs. Shell Sort iterator = 1
/*Sort is repeated for the 2nd element to the final element in the list*/
while (iterator is less than ListLength) {
temp = List[iterator]
index = iterator

/*Determines if a shift and swap needs to
be made*/
while (temp is less than Previous List Value) {
//Values are copied one element to the right

/*After all values are shifted, sorted value is put
into place*/
a[index] = temp
gapsize = ListLength / 2
while (gapsize is greater than or equal to 1) {
/*Last Insertion Sort to complete is of gapsize 1 (regular insertion sort)*/

iterator = gapsize
/*Sets first comparable element to the first one in the
second row*/

while (iterator is less than ListLength) {
//*Perform Insertion Sort Upon Each Column of the list*//
gapsize = gapsize / 2
//creates new gapsize for next Insertion Sort
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