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Medieval Ages Presentation

Medieval Guilds

Raymond vg

on 20 May 2010

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Transcript of Medieval Ages Presentation

Medieval Ages Medieval Guilds What's a Guild? It's an assocation of people with similiar trades
A guild was created to help preserve the rights of its members
In the medival ages there were two key guilds to society, they were... CRAFT and merchant Merchants started their guilds for protection of their caravans and goods. This would then protect their trade. Who's In A guild? Any body can be in a guild.
From the people in the streets
To the blacksmith in his shop. To the king in his palace. Craft Guilds were created by people with similiar trades (baker, potter, carpenter) to help each other and protect each other. When did guilds come into place? In approximately 1100 A.D guilds began
to grow in size and importance. It wasn't long before guilds began to have an effect on
trade sales personal business and the success of your own job. Where were the guilds? EVERYWHERE! In any city, town, or country there were guilds. Some guilds might
only exist in one
city or town. Others would exist
across an
ENTIRE CONTINENT! The guilds were created
by the people. There was no definitive creation of guilds. Slowly they grew over time. A few trade merchants
from some cities doing
business together over
here Another group of masons
from a different city, make
a guild with the first group. Before long every trade worker
and merchant was a part of a guild
of one kind or another. If you weren't a part of a guild, your tade
wouldn't prosper as well as another. Because with a guild
came respect, and a
good reputation. Guilds also did many things
for the community, a guild
was often required do various
tasks in a community. Like building a church or protect the streets Guilds could be said
to be an early version
of some of today's
unions. Guilds were an organized
system that helped and
protected the trades of the
medieval times. A group of masons over here
working together to help each
other out How were the guilds created? Affect And Significance Like building a church Here’s a modern day interpretation of how a battle could have gone between two opposing merchant guilds.
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