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Social Issue: Animal Abuse

No description

Lexie Savala

on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of Social Issue: Animal Abuse

By Lexie Savala, Marlen Garcia, and Irania Lopez
Social Issue:
Animal Abuse

What exactly is animal abuse?
Recent Cases:
Current Status
there has been (still is) a belief that animals aren't sentient
animal rights and welfare movement began in the 1970s
Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare
human-animal interaction
Tipping Point
Sea World & Ringling Brothers
By definition, it is “socially unacceptable behavior that intentionally causes unnecessary pain, suffering, or distress to and/or death of an animal”
Abuse can include acts such as:
physical harm
fur farming
forced fighting
industrial mistreatment (commercial goods)
trophy hunting
Juvenile Crime
Domestic Abuse
Interpersonal Crime
How Animal Abuse Connects with Other Social Issues
Analyzation of Chicago's Police Department arrests found that 86% of animal abuser arrests had multiple arrests before
70% had felony charges
70% had narcotics charges
2/3 arrested for battery-related offenses, over 1/2 were connected to gangs
Henry Bergh first took action against man’s inhumane actions towards animals in 1840
26 years to get the ASPCA established.
founded in 1866
Established in 1894, joined the ASPCA in 2009.
How they help
They provide a safe haven for homeless and mistreated animals.
Fight cruelty and rescue animals by investigating and making arrests for crimes against animals.
ASPCA commercial- aired in 2007
created awareness
raised $30 million in the first year
the use of imagery & background music evokes unpleasant feelings regarding animal abuse
Arden-Arcade fire
Sacramento Decapitation Case(s)
Breed Specific Legislation
pet abuse often occurs with woman-battering
½-¾ of women with pets reported their animals being threatened, harmed, or killed by abusers
used as a way to maintain power and control
Studies have found that batterers who abused pets were more dangerous and used more controlling behaviors than those who did not

higher rates of sexual violence, marital rape, emotional violence, and stalking
Reports of threat/harm to animals to coerce another into committing a crime
Children who witness or commit animal abuse are more likely to have experienced child maltreatment and/or interparental violence
People who had witnessed it were eight times more likely to commit animal abuse
Family Violence
Individuals are more likely to commit animal abuse- both perpetrator and victim
top predictor for boys was being bullied & indirectly bullying others
top predictor for girls was observation of animal abuse and verbal abuse from their father.

Graduation Hypothesis
General Deviance Theory
A study found that the impact of observation of animal abuse differs between genders. Of those who had witnessed animal abuse, men had less favorable attitudes toward animal abuse.
"model behavior" v. empathy
Women are more likely to be animal rights activists & men are more likely to be the abusers of animals
gender role socialization
Women’s “empathy based on shared inequities”
6201 Florin-Perkins Road Sacramento, CA 95828
(916) 383-7387
animal cruelty is still a large social issue
has not been fully accepted as an issue
cruelty towards animals can be a predictor of or connected to other social issues
What can you do to support fighting against animal cruelty?
Rankings of States based on Animal Laws
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