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Kabuki Instruments

By: Victoria Stover Madison Richardson Kayla Miller

Vicotoria Stover

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Kabuki Instruments

Kabuki Instruments By: Madison Richardson
Victoria Stover
Kayla Miller Shamisen:
- the most common of kabuki instruments
- a three stringed japanese instrument
- played with a plectrum called a bachi
-come in three sizes:
- small(Hosozao)
- medium(Chuzao)
- large(futozao) Tsuzumi:
- a japanese drum of china/indian origin
- central instrument around which the percussion ensemble is formed
- shaped like an hourglass and has cords that can be tightened or losend with your hands to control the pitch Odaiko Drum:
- part of the taiko drum family
- odaiko literally means large drum
- used to creat sound effects such as rain or wind Shime Daiko Drum:
- often the first sound people will hear entering a theater
- signals the beggining and end of the performance (SCENE!)
- also a drum in the taiko family but on a much smaller scale
-sits on a stand and is played with bachi
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