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Kyle Anderson

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Journey To Th Center Of The Earth Vocab EXTINCT ENCASES BY: DEF: No longer exist.

SENT: The T-Rex is extinct and no longer exists. HIDEOUS Def: Very ugly; frightful; horrible.

Sent: Ugly Betty is hideous. DEF: To cover completely.

SENT: A box came in the mail and my shoes were in the box encased. PLUNGED DEF: To fall or move suddenly downward or for ward

SENT: I plunged down the water slide at the water park. SERPENT Def: Snake, especially a big snake.

Sent: The serpent was in the house. ARMOR DEF: Any kind of protective covering

SENT: The knight had really protective armor. Kyle Anderson ATHLETE BIG BROTHER LITTLE BROTHER SON LOVE STYLE FUNNY SMART
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