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Red Kayak

No description

Audrey Aberle

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Red Kayak

author: Priscilla Cummings Red Kayak ch. 3-4 ch.5-6 ch. 9-10 Main ch.7-8 7-Brady reads the artical about him, and he gets alot of attention at school. Not by J.T. or Digger though. ch. 1-2 secondary 3-Carl arived to take the three friends to school, but droppes them off at the 7-11 because they arnt supost to ride in the ambulance 9-Brady finds the kayak under the water. Dad came homef rom crabbing, Brady got an email from J.T. Brady goes crabbing with his dad. characters Brady Parks-a young boy who finds out that J.T. and digger have sunk the kayak, he is also the main character J.T.-Bradys best friend and one of the two boys to drill the hole in the kayak Digger- Bradys other best friend who drills the holes in the kayak becauses he is mad at the DiAngelos for buying his grandfatheres farm characers Mrs. DiAngilo-the mother of Ben, and the lady Brady works for during the summer the book takes palce ben-the three year old boy who dies because of J.Y. and Digger Carl- Bradys cousin who helps him cope with what happened, he also drives him to school in the ambulance 1-we meet Brady and get a perview of what happened 2- Digger tries to pick a fight with J.T. 3-Bradys dad comes to pick up Brady, to find Ben and Mrs. DiAngelo. Brady thinks it was something to do with his mom because he didnt know what happened. 4-Brady goes looking for Ben,Tilly forces her way onto the boat, brady thinks of Amanda, Brady is to serch the side coves. Tilly barks till Brady turns into a certain cove, were he finds Ben. 5-Ben was on some old pilin, freezing. Brady starts to do CPR and heads twords the meeting place. 5-Carl found a pulse on Ben 6- Brady goes home to rest and then he talks to a Craig Somebody, a reporter, and Carl told him to take the day off but he has a socal studies test coming up. 7-brady is taken out of school, FAST, by his mom. 8- Brady finds out Ben died, he is shocked,he thinks about how Ben will never drink milk again. he blames himself that Ben died 10- Brady throwes all his crabs back into the bay, he felt that they needed a second chance at life, because Ben didn't. ch 11-12 11- Brady skiped Bens funeral,Brady and his mom went to town to get some things and Brady rememberes the time he went to the aquarium, not his sisters funeral. 12-Brady begins work for Mrs. DiAngelo and takes Ben's hamster, Tiny Tim. Brady rememberes babbysitting Ben. Brady helps Mrs. DiAngelo plant a butterfly garden. Climax 13-Brady starts to clean the boat house and he finds the drill. Brady relizzed what Digger and J.T. did, and how they sunk the kayak. ch. 14-15 14- Brady goes and comfronts J.T. on his familys chicken farm 15- J.T. and Brady go to Digger's, Digger wont admit to drilling the holes. ch-16-17 16- brady pretended to be sick so he wouldn't have to go to the party. ch 18-19 ch-20-21 ch-22 17- Brady talks about getting a summer job, othe than mrs. DiAngelo. 18- Brady gets a hair cut, he dosent think he needs it. 19- Brady remembers how J.T. was having trouble with a bully and Digger stood up for him. 21-Brady finds out Mrs. DiAngelo is going tho have a baby. 22-Brady decides to go get the kayak to see if their are holes in the bottom. Authors Theme I beleve the authors theme was that we need to tell the truth, even if it gets us or our buest friend in trouble. Brady told on J.T. and Digger, and in the end that was the best thing to do. Setting the story takes place along the Corsica River by the Chesapeake Bay in the little town of Baileys Warf. conflict Brady knowes that Digger and J.T. have drilled holes in the kayak, he just dose not want to tell Resolution Brady tells on J.T. and Digger, he begins to feel better Because I know everyone pays attention for the entire Prezi there is a white flag in each slide, look for it. :)
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