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Values, Attitudes and Ideas - Yr 10 English

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Ray Mendes

on 11 February 2016

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Transcript of Values, Attitudes and Ideas - Yr 10 English

We All Have Our Opinions
The world we live in is guided by spoken and unspoken rules. Many of them were already in place before you were born.

List down three basic rules of our society.

Now write down, beside each, what tends to happen when those rules are broken.
Ideas –
these are the beliefs that society holds at the time/place of the text’s setting - they’re the spoken and unspoken rules about how people organise themselves as a society.

are called

Notice it says spoken and

What are three things which are really important in your family?

Our values are the things we hold dear.

Values are the priorities a character holds. They are reflected in actions and words. In other words, it’s what they hold so dear that it affects whether or not they can agree with society's ideas.

For example,
Juror 3 values revenge against disrespectful young people, he disregards society's ideas about a fair trial. He is motivated by age prejudice.
Tasks to Complete
On page 11, the author calls Juror 2 "
" as he "
pauses nervously
" and "
looks around, helplessly
." when questioned.
What does this tell us about his values?
What does it take for him to embrace the ideas he
to hold onto?

On Page 71, Juror 3 states "
It was his
. That goddam rotten kid. ..I can feel that knife goin' in.
How does the author want his audience to perceive Juror 3?
What does this tell us about his attitude towards ideas about justice?

Examine Juror 5 on pages 14 and 15. What do we learn about his values and attitudes towards society's ideas? Use quotes to explain.
You come across someone at Maccas or the shops who has a
. They don't value you or your patronage.

In literature, attitudes are a character’s response to the ideas a society says. In other words, attitudes are how they feel
the ideas.
Values, Attitudes and Ideas - Yr 10 English
Look at the make-up of the jury. What does their gender and ethnicity tell us about New York society's ideas about who could provide justice?

Look at Juror 10's quote: "
You’re not going to tell us that we’re supposed to believe him, knowing what he is. I’ve lived among ‘em all my life.
" He uses connotative language when he refers to the Defendant as "
" and "
what he is
." What does tell us about society's ideas about race and poverty at the time?

Remember to use the word
in your answer.
Sometimes ideas conflict. One idea society holds in the play is that
everyone is entitled to a fair trial.
However, because society also believed in racial inequality, the reality is only
people are entitled to a fair trial.

Attitudes fit between ideas and values. They tell us WHY people act the way they do. Attitudes are reflected in their actions. Let me explain:
Rose influences his audience to perceive that
Juror 8 values justice, he cannot take a positive attitude toward those who believe in the idea of racial prejudice. This is why he refers to the Defendant as "a boy" or "a kid" (P.8) instead of "they" or "them." (P.14).
What ideas does society in the play have about:

The poor?
Reginald Rose points out the injustices in society that come through hypocrisy.
There is often a difference between the ideas we should have and the ones we practice. This is because of our values.
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