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Introduction to SIOP

No description

Stephanie Zikopoulos

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of Introduction to SIOP

What is

Lesson Prep & Building Background
Comprehensible Input & Strategies
Interaction &
Practice & Application

Review & Questions
What questions do you still have?
Group Norms:
Questions/Comments can be written on a post-it and placed in the parking lot

Monitor your technology

Respect our learning differences
An overview of the SIOP model and training in student engagement strategies
Introduction to SIOP
Learning Objectives:
As a result of what I learn today, I will be able to...
Understand the SIOP model
Use student engagement strategies in my work

Effective instructional model

Addresses the needs of ALL student learners

Makes content comprehensible

SIOP activities and lessons help meet students' academic and linguistic needs
8 Interrelated Components
Lesson Preparation
Building Background
Comprehensible Input
Practice & Application
Lesson Delivery
Review & Assessment
Building Background:
Links Made Between Student Experiences, Past Learning, and New Concepts
Lesson Preparation:
Content and Language Objectives
component (8)
is made up of
features (30)
1. Lesson Preparation - Features 1-6

2. Building Background - Features 7-9

3. Comprehensible Input - Features 10-12

4. Strategies - Features 13-15
5. Interaction - Features 16-19

6. Practice & Application - Features 20-22

7. Lesson Delivery - Features 23-26

8. Review & Assessment - Features 27-30
Content Objectives = 'What'
Language Objectives = 'How'
Meaningful Activities
'provide oral and written language practice that is relevant to the concepts' (MCC4 pg43)
What activities, pictures, and experiences can I provide to help students build background?
What have students been taught in the past that will help them learn the new material?
Key Vocabulary Emphasized
Word consciousness
Students play an active role in learning vocabulary
Opportunities and Scaffolding,
Comprehensible Input:

Engagement Technique
Speech and Clear Explanation
Variety of Techniques
Awareness of rate, enunciation, and sentence structure
Give clear instructions for procedures, assignments, and activities
gestures, body language, pictures, model, multimedia, graphic organizers, alternative forms of expression
Engagement Technique
Give students the opportunity to practice problem-solving skills while learning
Opportunity to Interact
Practice & Application:
Sufficient Wait Time
SIOP is...
Students talk with each other and the teacher about the content -
producing language
developing complex language and thinking skills
balance between waiting and moving along
Hands-on Materials
Kinesthetic activities
Engagement Techniques
Think - Pair - Share
Vocabulary Games
What would you like to reinforce?
Anything else to share for the good of the group?
*Multiple Intelligences
*Engagement Activities
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