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Woodsong by Gary Paulsen

Non-fiction book talk by Katy Roach

Katy Roach

on 8 February 2011

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Transcript of Woodsong by Gary Paulsen

Woodsong By Gary Paulsen Book talk by Katy Roach Woodsong told a story about Gary Paulsen and his experiences with the sled dogs that he owned, but it also shined a light on facts about sled dogs that normal books about dogs would never be able to tell you! One thing that it tells you about sled dogs is how human-like they truly are. They have humor, they can communicate with humans and amongst themselves, and they can express emotions. There is so much more to a dog then eating, sleeping, and playing! Sled dogs are determined. When a dog of the team was dying while they were running one night, that dog kept on running with his team all the way to the end in temperatures far below zero. He would not stop to have food or water. Important Ideas/Facts Even dogs can teach lessons to humans: Never Give Up! Dogs communicate with humans in the simplest ways. One dog taught Paulsen a lesson by biting him only once to let him know that the dog was hungry and did not want to be put on a diet, even if he was overweight. Another dog communicated with Paulsen by running him and the rest of the dogs on his sled team over a small cliff to let Paulsen know that he had to trust the dogs. Neither Paulsen nor the dogs were hurt badly, but he understood the lesson very well. These are only a small amount of the key facts and amzing stories that Woodsong lets you experience through its heart-wrenching, yet beautiful words. A Memorable Part of Woodsong One of the most memorable parts of this book was when Gary Paulsen described Storm, his favorite sled dog, and the way he communicated with Gary Paulsen using a simple twig or stick from a tree branch. Storm would pick a stick and have Paulsen inspect it every time the sled dog team would stop for a break. Storm had Paulsen examine it because it was Storm's way of telling Paulsen "Everything is alright, that he was doing the right thing." Most dogs want to die facing east. Storm was at the end of his days, but Gary Paulsen tied him to a post for a short time so that he could run and go complete an errand. Storm died while he was gone, but the chain that tied him to the post restricted him from dieng facing east. When Paulsen returned home, he found Storm dead with a stick in his mouth facing as close to east as he possibly could. Storm had died with the stick in his mouth saying to Paulsen that everything was okay and that he did not blame Paulsen for not letting him die properly. This moment in Woodsong is truly amazing to read. Gary Paulsen has lived through the experiences that he has written about in Woodsong. When reading, the reader knows exactly what happens at each experience, with no details missing. Paulsen also has a complete understanding and insight of sledogs, giving the reader a much better understanding of sledogs. Since Paulsen lived through the experiences, the reader feels like they are reliving the story when reading Woodsong. One Reason Of Many That Makes Woodsong A Great Book Is Woodsong enjoyable to read? Of Course! It is enjoyable yet painful to read because Paulsen has an endless amount of entertaining and heart-wrenching stories that tell about a dog's playfulness, loyalty, love, determination, and stupidity. This book can even make you cry at points such as when a devoted sled dog dies. The endless amount of stories about sled dogs and their owner makes for a rarely dry or boring book. Who Should Read This Book? Even though I do not enjoy non-fiction, I still loved this book. Based on this, I would recommend this book to anybody and everybody. However, I can tell what types of readers would enjoy this book more than others. People who love dogs and animals in general, people who love reading about stories that seem almost impossible, and people who like to think about stories that appear simple, but have a much deeper message should all read Woodsong by Gary Paulsen.
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