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Atlas v.8 Overview & Fundamentals

No description

Rubicon International

on 2 December 2015

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Transcript of Atlas v.8 Overview & Fundamentals

Insightful Connections
Keyword Search
Scope and Sequence
Atlas v.8 Overview and Fundamentals
What is Atlas v.8?
Atlas v.8 is a platform for accelerating curriculum growth through dynamic
of teaching and learning practices, collaborative and focused
, and insightful
for a purposeful student experience.
Dynamic Exploration
Focused Conversation
View Activity
Join the Discussion
Leave a Note
Add to Favorites
Submit to Exemplars
Pin to My Atlas
Copy Unit
Export to Word
Insightful Connections: Standards
Need Help?
Does the curriculum spiral from grade to grade?
Are there gaps or repetitions?
Personalize My Atlas
Curriculum at a Glance
Search Terms
Report Wizard
Where is a certain topic addressed?
Which concepts spiral across subjects?
What grades teach certain topics?
Who is assessing and What they are assessing?
Are we offering multiple approaches for success? Are we differentiating?
Are assessments linked to standards?
What are all of the intended standards in the curriculum?
Which standards need to be addressed in this course?
(503) 223-7600
My Atlas: different dashboards for different tastes
Discussion Question:
What would you pin to My Atlas?
What if you were...
an Arts or Music teacher?
a Literacy specialist?
Discussion Question:
How might Atlas v.8 impact the curriculum processes at your school?
Discussion Question:
Which Action would you select first? What Action might come next? Why?
Discussion Question:
How might you share a personal "A-ha!" moment?
In My Atlas?
In a Note?
In a Discussion?
In a Shared Report?
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