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Irene Sánchez

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of DUBAI

Life cycle

1. Life cycle
2. Porter's diamond's application
3. Destination information management strategies analysis
4. Conclusions
Porter's diamond's application
Information management strategies
183.000 in 1973
2.100.000 in 2013

1966 They discovered they had oil
Investment of money in infrastructures

1971 Creation of the United Arab Emirates

1980s and 90s Investment to become an important tourism destination
Dubai in numbers
Number of visitors
4.980.228 in 2003
9.947.161 in 2012
Number of nights
12.435.550 in 2003
37.445.453 in 2012
Dubai Strategic Plan 2015

Economic development
Social development
Infrastructure, land and environment
Security, justice and safety
Government excellence
Future plans
Dubai 2020 Expo

Really recent history
Big future plans to attract people
Dubai 2020

Involvement / Consolidation phase
Factor conditions
Demand conditions
Related and supporting industres
Firm strategy, structure and rivalry
- Dubai Tourism and Definitely Dubai --> on the front row
- Sheikh Mohammed’s webpage
- Expo 2020
Human resources
Knowledge +
Fast growing
AIRPORT 130 different airlines
220 different destinations
"Best Worldwide Airport"
New roads
Subway system
Different courses
Aim: to offer facilities to their citizens.
Main problem: only 1% of the employees are locals. Lack of citizens participation.

Buildings that attract by themselves great amount of tourists
Burj Khalifa and Lake’s Fountain
Burj Al Arab
Working in tourism is not good paid.

Dubai Mall
The Jumeirah
People finding luxury and eccentric characteristics.
Dubai trying to offer this kind of infrastructure.
Also other type of alternatives Without closing any door
As they can not offer cultural attractions, they have other strategies.
For example, a perfect shopping infrastructure or unique golf courses. Uniqueness

Information management
- Share information with visitors
- Date information (Expo 2020)
- Promoting to companies to share information
Real estate + Finance cluster
Most important: Airline industry
Since 1965 Dubai's International Airport
57,6 million passengers per year
Most of them travel with Emirates Airlines
The terminal was proclaimed "the best cruise harbour" in 2011.
They have improve it From having space to 2 cruises to 6 big cruises.
2012 - 408.000 passengers
2013 - they are expecting 420.000
2015 - forecast of 450.000
Recommendations to the DMO for improvement
Take into account the main markets and visitors origin:
- Definitely Dubai: Spanish, Italian, French, German and English
- Dubai Tourism: English and Arab
- Top 10 of source markets: Saudi Arabia, India, UK, USA, Russia, Kuwait, Germany, Oman, China, Iran and Australia
Main motivation for 80% of visitors: shopping
To satisfy them Big retail spaces
In 2012, Dubai had more global retailer presence than other countries (after London)
Very important in the development of hotels.
At the beginning, only locals could own a property.
Since 2002, this law changed.
A boom in the construction process Private developers started different constructions.
For example, Jumeirah Group with Burj Al Arab.
Economic crisis 2007-2010 Recovered
Main problem: real estate developers are driving the market
Very high competition between them and anyone can do it.
For example, in suppliers of construction materials
Another problem: lack of transparency in the economic area (on statistics and individual projects and companies).
They need to be more transparent in order to have a better cooperation.
Most important companies:
Emirates airlines + Flydubai - control 62% of the airport
Emaar Malls - controls 49% of the retail industry
Hotels - 47 different brand - most competitive area
3rd Case Study of Dubai
Unai Boyero
Irene Casado
Izaskun Galdos
Irene Sánchez

Dubai has done a really big effort and investment to make possible to be what today is
Always trying to offer something different
should work on making locals being interested on tourism
PA --> Hard work on the online presence and information flows
Some resources by themselves are promoting itself and the city
Dubai is a very competitive city and they are achieving what they are proposing
Dubai is a still working on making possible to be on the first rate on tourist destination
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