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George Childress

No description

samuel hunter

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of George Childress

George Childress George C. Childress is credited as being the author of the Texas Declaration of Independence

was born on January 8, 1804 in Nashville, Tennessee Interesting Facts Accomplishments Campbell Childress, lawyer, statesman, and author of the Texas Declaration of Independence Childress called the convention to order and subsequently introduced a resolution authorizing a committee of five members to draft a declaration of independence. Childress County, located on the edge of the Texas Panhandle, was named for him on August 21, 1876 buried at the Trinity Episcopal Church Cemetery in Galveston Background Information Is one of four 'founding fathers' of Texas to commit suicide Pictures SUMMARY In 1826 he attended, and graduated from, Davidson Academy. George Campbell Childress (January 8, 1804 – October 6, 1841) was a lawyer, statesman and was a principal author of the Texas Declaration of Independence. Childress was born in Nashville, Tennessee, to John Childress and Elizabeth Robertson. In 1826 he attended, and graduated from, Davidson Academy. Two years later, he was admitted to the Tennessee Bar. George C. Childress studied law for two years later he became chief editor for the Nashville Banner which he remained for 10 years. On June 12, 1828, he married Margaret Vance. Seven years later, Margaret gave birth to a son, but died from complications a few months afterward.
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