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San Diego - Breath Ketone Testing

No description

Michel Lundell

on 1 August 2016

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Transcript of San Diego - Breath Ketone Testing

Using Breath Ketone Analyzers
What is breath ketones?
Ketone in your breath is ...
What does breath acetone indicate?

Liver breaks down fatty acids and forms acetoacetate from which the acetone is released ...
Method Comparison
Urine vs Blood vs Breath

Breath Testing
+ Painless
+ Cost effective
+ Indicates Ketosis in real time
- Requires a little practice
- Results are personal
Blood Testing
+ Requires no technique
+ Instruments are widely available
+ Easy for the doctors (let the lab do it)
+ Measures product of time and ketosis
- Measures product of time and ketosis
- Painful, intrusive, requires blood
- Co$t per test
Practice technique ...
How to use a breath ketone analyzer ...
2) Set & Check your values!
Urine Testing
+ Painless
+ Indicates Ketosis
+ Strips widely available
- Requires a toilet
- Messy
- Unreliable for some
when adapted to fat
- Depends on liquid intake
- Co$t per test
Do not inhale, to exhale!
Highest concentration in the bottom of your lungs
Exhale until all air out ...
Keep on practicing ...
Fatty Acids
(BUFFERED in blood)
Exhaled VS Buffered
Explains why correlation attempts looks like Ancel Keys made them ,-)
BHB = Time x Ketosis
BHB = Ketosis
Where does it come from?
Acetone inverse of glucose
PS) BHB not reflecting glucose
Correlates well with glucose/glycogen levels!
Instead of this ...
Use this
Your body is unique ....
1) Create a lifestyle
measure ...
do something ...
wash, rinse, repeat ....
evaluate ...
BrAce = Ketosis
Real World Example
One morning ...
Alison Gannett
Method Timeline
@Home, first weeks of LCHF/Paleo/Keto life
(tip: cut strips in half)
Start Phase
Coach Phase
Maintenance Phase
3) Monitor Clients
Thanks for listening!
Michel Lundell
6 Days Water Fast
Acetone and Glucose
is constant first 4 days
builds up during the fast
Acetone rise and Glucose
drops after 4 days when
liver glycogen is depleted
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