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Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior Perseverance Project

No description

Paulo Belato

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior Perseverance Project

The Journey of the Middle School's Auditorium Name Neymar Perseverance "The Auditorium" So this is why the BMS auditorium should be named after Neyamr da Silva Santos Júnior for his spirit of perseverance!!! Neymar Júnior's dad (Neymar Sr.) played professional soccer but in the second division of the brazilian soccer league. It still paid but it wasn't enough to maintain a family.

Had to move in with grandparents
"We weren't starting back at zero, we were starting at minus five." said Neymar Sr. Grew Up in Poverty (that he didn't even know about!) There was A LOT of local competition and global competition Very poor education Did you know that 80% of the world’s population has played soccer before in their lifetime? That’s over five billion people! Out of all those people, only 265 million of them actually succeed and play professional soccer. That still may seem like a big number but that is only four percent of the world’s population. So as you can see, the odds are very slim to become a professional soccer player if you want to. Now imagine trying to be a professional soccer player but you’re going through poverty, a bad education, and having an immense amount of local and global competition for the title of a professional soccer player! Seems impossible doesn’t it? Well a Brazilian teenager made the impossible, possible. That teenager is Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior and he is the striker for the Brazilian team Santos. He gets paid millions of “Brazilian dollars” (reais), yet he just recently turned 21. He overcame and persevered through all of the obstacles above, but he did all these things at age 17! Neymar persevered more than anything and that is why the BMS auditorium should be named after him. soccer is most played sport in South America (especially in Brazil)
Brazil was a good environment for playing outside since it is warm so can be played year round "Neymar Júnior grabbed a tinny salt shaker and a glass of water which was three times the size of the salt shaker. "I was the salt shaker and they (older boys) were the glass of water," Neymar said, laughing at the memory. (Recent interview at New Jersey restaurant) (I interviewed my father and since he grew up around the same area as Neymar Jr, he knows what the education is like) "The public schools in Brazil aren't good because even though the teachers themselves are good but they don't get paid well so they do not care that much about teaching students. There is also not intensive competition to become a teacher like here in America." Neymar was on 11 soccer teams before playing professionally on Santos (Can infer that he didn't pay much attention to school) Side Note: It mainly depends on the student and their importance on school
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