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COFFEE BEAN AND TEA LEAF (Business Presentation)

No description

Jovy Cayetano

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of COFFEE BEAN AND TEA LEAF (Business Presentation)

Our Vision
A Business Plan Presentation

Presented by:
Ms. Jovy Cayetano and Mr. Arvin Esguerra
Origin of the Coffee
Born & brewed in California

In 1963, Herbert B. Hyman started The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®. His dedication to finding and serving the best coffee and tea in the world made him the founding father of gourmet coffee in California.

Now, nearly 50 years old, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® has grown into one of the largest privately-owned, family-run coffee and tea companies in the world. Along the way, The Bean, as it is affectionately known, has become the model for a successful coffee and tea company.

To be simply the best roaster and global retailer of specialty coffee and tea.
To create a spirit within our company that inspires our
Team members to provide our customers with a Total
Quality Experience. Quality of Product, Service and
Our Mission
Company Growth
The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has been innovating and growing since 1963.

The Coffee Bean has demonstrated a passion for product innovation epitomized by The Original Ice Blended® beverage.
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®, serves more than 100 million coffee and tea beverages
annually worldwide. It currently has 840 stores in 23 countries, including the United States,
Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Brunei, Indonesia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Egypt, Oman, Kuwait,
Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Mexico and the Philippines. The company
opens a new store every 72 hours.
Hot Tea
Iced Tea
Tea Latte
Double Vanilla
English Breakfast
Tropical Passion
African Sunrise
Matcha Green
Tea Selections
Genmaicha Green
Lung Ching Dragonwell
Moroccan Mint

Strawberry Cream
Cherry Blossom
Earl Grey
Chai Blend
English Breakfast
Tropical Passion
Apricot Ceylon
Vanilla Ceylon
Lemon Chamomile
African Sunrise
Ginseng Peppermint
Coffee Ice Blended ® Drinks
Double Chocolate
White Chocolate Dream
Espresso & Cream
The Ultimate
Coffee Free Ice Blended ® Drinks
Pure Vanilla
Pure Double Chocolate
Matcha Green Tea
Our Coffee
The Original Ice Blend
Iced Coffee
Café Americano
Caramel Macchiato
Our Target Market
Location: Trinoma outdoor level 3

People:The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s (CBTL) primary target market is men and women aged 18 to 40 as they tend to be frequent coffee & tea drinkers. The main appeal to this consumer age group is through quality roasted coffee and excellent service.
Teas (black, green, and oolong) originate All from one bush, the camellia sinensis, which is distinguished by its dark green leaves and fragrant cream-colored blossoms. At harvest time, the glossy whole leaves and young new shoots are plucked and processed for optimal freshness by hand. During the steeping process, the leaves unfurl, releasing their flavor into the water.
wi-fi spot
tea based products

strong brand image
no marketing activity outside
the store
low volume of customers
wide variety of non caffeine drinks
mall based store
wide area

rising of the tea industry

Consumer ability to shift to a substitute product.
nearby competitors
Uneasy access location
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