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Amber French

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Totalitarianism

Totalitarianism Italy Benito Mussolini Political Philosophy:
Extreme Nationalism
Citizen's civil liberties taken away
Opposed democracy and communism
Strong military How leader spread ideas:
Promoted fascism through passionate speeches
Supporters called Black Shirts targeted anti-fascist groups Germany Adolf Hitler Political Philosophy:
Nazism (form of fascism)
Extreme nationalism
Centralized government
Citizen's civil liberties were taken away How leader spread ideas:
Citizens were unhappy with being blamed for WWI
Held rallies for large crowds
Dissolved the republic
Concentration camps Soviet Union Joseph Stalin Political Philosophy:
Government controlled everything
5 Year Plan--wanted private farms to become large, government controlled farms How leader spread ideas:
Killed all opposition
Killed many political leaders to maintain control Japan Emperor Hirohito Political Philosophy:
Military leaders reported to the emperor only
Military control of government
Wanted to build a pacific empire that included China How leader spread ideas:
Citizens were loyal to the Emperor and supported military leaders because Emperor said so Totalitarian State- a government that puts the individual below the government and strictly controls all aspects of life by force
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