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UK Floods 2014

No description

Rupert Pope

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of UK Floods 2014

Effects on people living in the flooded areas.
The effects on people living in flooded areas was that ther houses where left in ruin,funiture was destroyed and they had to move out of there homles. It cost the UK 1 billion pounds to clean up and repaire everything also the UK spent another 340 million pounds on flood defencences and pluging potholes.

Effects on the environment.
The effects on the enviroment was wild animals were killed by the floods because the sewers over flowed so the water that animals drank was infected with human waste. Also livestock drowned and plants where effected because trees fell over and some plants were killed by the rising waters.
Where and When did the worst floods happen.
From early january to late february the floods worst hit in the in the southern part of the country this is the richest and most populated part of the country so it had a massive effect on England financially and spiritually.Also this part of England is the flatest part of the UK which contributed to the flooding.
Immediate Responses
Some of the immediate responses where temporary shelters for people who lost their homles,rescuing stranded people and shutting down folled or damaged roads,bridges and train tracks.
Long term Responses
Some long term responses where reparing infastructure like roads and train tracks,making more sea defences, giving people benifits and moving debry.
Why did these floods take place?
It was all caused by the jet stream that controls Englands weather.A jet stream is lots of ribbons of wind that can travel up to 200 mph they situate high up in are atmoshpere .The jet strem is driven by cold air in the north and warm air in the south.Because of global warming the pacific jet stream was considerably warmer,the atlantic jet stream was moving faster than normal also the north american jet stream was cooler than normal this caused a polar vortex and heavy and consistant rain fall in England.

Potential precautionary measures which could be implemented in the future

In the future the UK could be more prepared for the floods by making better river and sea defenses like better levees and more see walls also
Responses to the Flooding.
Effects on People and the Environment
The UK Floods
In 2014 the UK flooded. It happened from winter into early spring. In 2013-14 the UK exsperienced the most rain fall ever recorded.
This was a very bad thing for England.
Made by Rupert Pope.
Here is a map of howmuch rain fell across the UK.
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