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SS 20 Chapter 6 Part G

Internment in Canada

Dawn Kissel

on 16 March 2011

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Transcript of SS 20 Chapter 6 Part G

Many Canadians became caught up in the racism and extreme nationalism of WWI. Germans and Ukranians were interned as ememy aliens. During WWII wartime propaganda depicted Germans, Italians, and Japanese people as the enemy. Even before WWII Canadians of Japanses descent had been subjected to discrimination. They were not allowed to vote or to enter certain professions. In 1942, after the bombing of Pearl Harbour, Japanese Canadians living within 160 km of the Pacific coast were rounded up and transported to internment camps. The government seized Japanese homes, properties, and businesses and sold them at bargain prices to pay the cost of keeping people in the camps. Japanese, Ukranian, it did not matter. Was this fair? Can we compare this to Stalin or Hitler? Japanese camps in BC The policies of internment are dark spots on Canadian history. But, the nation's national interests were at stake. Was it right? No, of course not. But, fear is a powerful tool. Are there any nations making poor decisions right now based on fear? History must be told, regardless of how shameful it might be. However, as a nation we are moving forward. With the help of transnational corporations and love for this nation, we can feel connected. Ahhh, who am I kidding, after all of the dark elements of our past we need something to pull us Canadians together and unite us. Canadian commercials anyone? What are we guarding against? Unfortunately our wonderful nation was born out of discrimination.
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