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5 Elements of Literature

Plot, setting, character, style/mood/tone, and theme

Stephanie Powell

on 7 September 2016

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Transcript of 5 Elements of Literature

Where and when a story takes place; helps initiate the main backdrop and mood for a story.
People or things that the story centers around.
protagonist: the leading character of the story
Antagonist: a person or a group of people who opposes a protagonist.

Mood and Tone
The author's purpose in writing the story; what did they say about life? a theme cannot be one word (ex"love") it must be a statement (ex "love will always win in the end")
Five Elements of Fiction
Plot, setting, character, style/mood/tone, and theme.
^ how cool is this guy?
Setting or Scene
Mood: the reader's reactions and emotions to the text
Tone: is an attitude of a writer toward a subject or an audience. This is shown by word choice and description.
The events that make up a story, particularly as they relate to each other through cause and effect; how the reader views the story.
2. "Blank" is about a girl who's father remarries then dies. Her new stepmother is evil and makes her do all the chores. She eventually gets some good luck when her fairy godmother shows up and grants her a night at the ball. On this night she meets her prince charming and through destiny they are reunited again.
3. "Blank Blank" is a story of a favorite toy who becomes completely jealous of a new action figure that enters his owners life. Through twists and turns the two eventually become the best of friends.
4. "Blank Blank" is about a father and son who are separated by miles and miles of ocean. They both meet new friends and attempt daring feats, but it is only through determination and hard work do the two become reunited again, their relationship stronger than ever.
1. This story takes place in a factory filled with creatures. There are many different types of doors in which the creatures enter into to capture the "energy" which they are seeking.
1. "Blank Blank Blank" is about a son who's father dies. He runs away fearing he caused the death. After finding two unlikely friends and reuniting with his lost love, he returns bigger and badder than before to reclaim his rightful throne and defeat his evil uncle.
2. This story first takes place in a huge castle surrounded by the deep blue sea. Once the daughter of the powerful king decides she would rather find true love out in the world, she enters a dark cave filled with elements of witchcraft, bottles and vases of dark colors, and evil, scary creatures. After the witch grants her wish, the princess is thrust into a new world of royalty and richness.
3. This story takes place in a forest filled with natural beauty. The surroundings show great beauty yet also show how the seasons have a great affect upon the animals that live in the forest. The action at the end takes place when humans start a fire in the beautiful forest, sending the animals scurrying through the woods trying to escape the flames, the hunters, and their dogs.
4. This story takes place in a realm of fantasy. Different worlds exist in this "dream world." The first is a pit where many objects are floating in. At the bottom is a door too small to fit through. Once you figure out who to get through the door you are thrust out into a odd forest where the flowers speak. There is also a darker, more mysterous forest filled with scary creatures. Finally there is a castle filled with cards but seems to favor the color red. Even the roses appear to be painted this color.
1. This villain is obsessed with fur. She will not stop until she is the most stylish of all. Her attitude is cruel and she has little time to think of others around her.
2. This sidekick is an odd one. His skin is blue and he just cannot stop talking. He has been trapped in a small place for a very, very long time and now that he has been released he has a lot to say. He has magical powers and is determined to help his friend get the girl of his dreams,
4. The hero of this story is an unlikely one. He doesn't say much but when he learns to fly everyone is in amazement. He is often seen wearing a little yellow hat and a ruffled collar around his neck. He also carries around a "lucky" feather that supposedly helps him fly. He wouldn't be where he is today without the help of his mouse friend cheering him on.
3. This little boy is truly a miracle. His entire body is made of wood. He likes to wear a little yellow hat and overalls. If the made of wood thing wasn't strange enough, his noise grows when he lies.
1. This movie's mood is one of a childish nature. Continually using childish images to bring adults back to their childhood as well as the idea of never growing old are predominantly focused on in this movie. The tone is one of remembrance for the past and hatred of growing old.
2. The mood of this story is one of a wild nature. Here we see man and beast come together almost as one. As the boy grows in the forest his speech is hindered while the animals are able to talk amongst themselves.
3. This movie has a style/tone/mood of survival of the fittest. Here, bugs are fighting to keep their home and reap the rewards of their hard work. Throughout the movie, lies are used to further the plot but, they also hinder the final result.
4. The overall mood of this movie is one of love. Two dogs fall for each other only to be separated by their "classes." Through song and discussion the audience finds themselves rooting for the elopement of the couple.
1. The theme of this movie is use your best instincts. Do not trust crazy old women with apples.
2. The theme of this story is to not judge a book by its cover. Sometimes under the beast there is a heart of gold.
3. The theme of this story is that women can be just as strong (mentally and physically) as men. Even during times of war.
4. The theme of this story is to be content with what you have in life. Don't go out stealing other people's holidays.
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