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How did the coming of war change life in Nazi Germany?

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Enda Holohan

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of How did the coming of war change life in Nazi Germany?

How did the coming of war change life in Nazi Germany?
Germans awake
What begins to happen in 1943?
Goebbels talked of what?
Was this a popular idea?
Are the Nazis still in control?
Why are the Nazis no longer as popular?
How do the Germans react?
Detail 3
Detail 4
Was Hitler successful before WW2?
What was the aim of his policy?
What was his popularity like?
Name 3 of his successes
What changed?
How do you think Germans would react?
Outbreak of War 1939
This poster from 1943 describes anyone listening to foreign radio as a traitor. What can we learn from this?
Quick on the draw!
What caused the Nazis to lose popularity?
15 minutes
You will have 15 minutes to read (skim and scan), and convert the 5 reasons into your books.
Summarise into a max of 3 lines per reason
'Most Germans benefited from Nazi rule'. Explain your answer
O:\Students\History\EHN\Germany 1918-1945\Model answers
•except (for)
•for instance
•on the whole
•for example

Writing a minimum of three 5 line paragraphs and using the model on the 'O' drive answer the above question into your books using all the connectives to the left
- 20minutes
Using the mark scheme handed to you, honestly evaluate and grade your own work out of 8
Following this hand your work to a colleague and see if he agrees or disagrees.
He must also right a WWW and EBI for you

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