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Copy of Food Justice - 9th Reading Lab

Template for students to use when creating prezi that demonstrates their knowledge of food justice.

dort groh

on 28 April 2011

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Transcript of Copy of Food Justice - 9th Reading Lab

We abtain our food from feilds like the one in the article. From the feilds we get some foods and those foods can help raise animals to be fat for a cheap price, makeing our food cheap.
plastic bags and water bottles pollut our world everyday. everyday we make 100 bags, a day which makes more pollution. Our food is grown on farms, and some of that food is made for fattning animals like some food from feilds. This makes our meat cheaper so we can buy more of it.
They valve the food and send it to use, but then we pollut. Our pollution changes their climate so they have moist food. "In the text, it talks about a field with wheat growning in it "in the center of the field the wheat is 10 tons..." The 9 billion-people question, PG 3 Corn is used to make biofuels and to fatten cows and corn is subsized, so our corn is cheap, so the cow meat is cheap, so we can go buy meat cheap.
Alex Liberan proved that one person can make a change by planting only one plabnt "the increase use of corn to make maize and biofuels has made it so we dont have enough food to feed the world." The 9 billion-people Question, PG 4 HOW DOES FOOD GET TO MY PLATE? the states are always getting food from other countries while millions in that countie dies from starvation. So no matter what, we will always get food on our plates if we have money. "countries don't have enough food, while their cousin countries do because they are richer and can afford it." "How Much is Enough" PG 5-6 THE END.
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