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The Running Dream

No description

Sarah Tuttle

on 15 September 2012

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Transcript of The Running Dream

The Running Dream This story mainly takes place around Jessica's neighborhood and her school. Some events take place at track competions, and races. Setting: The genre of this book is realistic fiction. Realistic fiction is when the events and the characters aren't real, but it could happen. Genre: The charaters in this book are: Characters: Jessica Fiona (Jessica's Friend) Rosa (another friend) Gavin (a boy Jessica likes) Coach Kyro (Jessicas track coach) This story is about a girl named Jessica. She loves to run. Not just any running. Racing. She joined a track team. But then a truck hit their bus on the was back from a meet. Jessica loses her leg in the accident. She has to go through lots of therapy and she has to get a prosthetic leg. But you can't run with a normal prosthetic leg. One day Coach Kyro shows Jessica a video about a man with a special running leg. Jessica is hopeful, but the leg costs a lot of money. The entire track team wants to save money. They start bake sales, car washes, and all sorts of things to earn money. On the journey Jessica meets new people and makes new friends. Will they be able to afford the leg in the end? Will Jessica ever run again? Find out in The Running Dream. Summary: I found a simile in the first chapter, page 12. Figurative Language: "Fat staples run around my stump like a big ugly zipper." -Jessica This book was amazing! I learned about running, which I didn't know much about; and prosthetics. They are interesting. This book also teaches you to never give up, and determination is key. Conclusion and Opinion: 10 out of 10 stars! I would recommend this book to anyone! It is a mainly girl book, but boys would like it also. :) Bye. :P THANKS FOR WATCHING :D By: Wendelin Van Draanen
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