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Hugo Boss


on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of Hugo Boss

Executive Summary
Target Market
The 4 G Team
Milestones and Traction
Company Overview
Products and Services
Objectives & Goals
Marketing and Sales Plan
Customer Incentives
Milestones and Metrics
Organizational Structure
Financial Plan
2015 Sales Goals
Sales by Distribution Channel
Cash Flow Statement
Balance Sheet
Presented by:
Anay Fernandez
Aquaria Kelly
Deborah Eckhoff
Katherine Delgado

Men and women, ages 20-50 interested in luxury fashion and accessories.

Successful professionals in the upper or upper middle class income brackets.

They have active and social lifestyles and value looking stylish.

Many existing patrons of the Village of Merrick Park are our target clientele.

Individuals living in the surrounding area (Pinecrest, Coral Gables and SoMiami).

Desired client segment: local celebrities – i.e. musicians, actors and athletes.
Major Competitors:

Other Competitors:
Anay Fernandez

Retail Management
Aquaria Kelly

Marketing & Legal

Deborah Eckhoff

Human Capital &
Org Development
Katherine Delgado

Customer Service

“For the sophisticated men and women who are style conscious HUGO BOSS’s extensive range in styles will meet their expectations.”
Leading company in the premium and luxury apparel
Headquartered in Germany
12,990 employees globally
2014 net sales of 2.6 billion EUR
1,401 stores worldwide
Luxury apparel and accessories.
BOSS Orange
BOSS Green
By implementing the customer service, conversion and marketing / advertising strategy we expect:
2% sale increase within the first 3 months
6%-10% increase within
the first 12 months
We plan to partner with local schools, host social events and monitor outcomes.
Interest in fashionable clothing has grown among younger men.
Men are paying attention to fashionable appearance to distinguish themselves from the 'crowd'.
Clothing is considered an important determinant of how an individuals are perceived by others at work.

HUGO BOSS’ brand commitment of fashionable clothing with impeccable taste and outstanding quality addresses the market needs effectively.
1924: Founded as clothing factory in Metzingen, Germany
1950: Began focusing on tailoring Men's fine suits
1985: Went public on the German Stock exchange
90-2000s: Launched extended accessories and women's line

2014: Named “Best Fashion Brand” - Germany
2014: Named “Best Fashion Label for Men” - China
2012: Ranked # 19 in the Top 75 Global Power of luxury Goods

Sales growth: 6% (Mid-single-digit rate)

Growth of EBITDA*: 5% - 7% (High-single-digit-rate)

Retail network: Approx. 50 openings (excl. takeovers)

Brand Diversity
Competitive Advantages
HUGO BOSS is well positioned to make attractive offers to its customers in the premium and luxury segment through all the stages of their lives.

HUGO BOSS can offer consumers the option of wearing individually modified and tailored products that distinguish them from the fashion mainstream at a better price point.

HUGO BOSS is commitment to R&D, investing 44 million EUR in 2009. This process begins with the skillful selection of the finest materials for their merchandise, and ends with the finest workmanship and designers.

"Industry experts anticipate continued robust growth in the market segment relevant for the global premium and luxury goods industry, projecting that by 2025 about 600 million more people will have the purchasing power to buy premium and luxury goods compared to today."

-HUGO BOSS Investor Relations

The pricing structure for the lines are:
The Merrick Park store is experiencing a sales stall YTD 2015. In order to
meet the annual sales target the store will need to increase their sales for
the remainder of the year.

We have identified four approaches to leverage to increase sales:

1) an enhanced online distribution channel
2) a laser focused customer service reward program
3) monitor the customer conversion rate 14+% and UPT of 3 UPT on average
4) the implementation of a marketing and advertisement strategy
Merrick Park:
Year 2015 Sales Forecast $3.9M (+7%)

“HUGO BOSS Inspires people towards success”
A market leader in the premium and luxury segment of the global apparel market.
Publicly traded: BOSS
Established in 1294 by Hugo F. Boss the founder
Men and women apparel and accessories
1,401 stores worldwide
Claus-Dietrich Lahrs
Chairman of the Managing Board and Chief Executive Officer (CEO),
responsible for Sales, Retail, Licenses, Communications and Global Replenishment.

Mark Langer
Chief Financial Officer (CFO),
responsible for Controlling, Investor Relations, Finance, Legal and Compliance, HR, Logistics, IT and Central Services; Director for Labor Relations.

Christoph Auhagen
Chief Brand Officer (CBO),
responsible for Brand Management, Creative Management, Sourcing and Manufacturing.

Thank you & Dress Well!
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