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Alternative/Herbal Medicine

No description

Becky Yang

on 7 December 2017

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Transcript of Alternative/Herbal Medicine

The Two Articles
Alberto, P. L. (2009). “Alternative Medicine for the Dental Professional.”
Access: Clinical Feature
, 23(1), 20-24.

Tam, K. K., Gadbury-Amyot, C. C., Cobb, C. M., & Williams, K. B. (2006). “Differences Between Herbal and Nonherbal Users in Dental Practice”.
Journal of Dental Hygiene
, 80(1), 1-15.

Poss. Future Implications/Opinions/Conclusion
Compare and Contrast
Article 1:

To review the general concepts, adverse reactions, and the use of common herbal medicine
To stress the importance of the growing practice in the use of herbal medicines by patients
Alternative/Herbal Medicine
Becky Yang
DHYG 139 Pharmacology
SCC DH Student 2018

1) "Alternative Medicine for the Dental Professional" by Pamela L. Alberto, DMD
Second Article
1. True/False: The use of herbal products are becoming a growing practice in patients.

2. What are some of the herbal products discussed in this presentation that causes bleeding?

3. How can we avoid medical ER and take better care of our patients who are taking supplemental herbal medicine?
Article 2:

To describe the basic demographics and health belief difference between herb users and nonherb users
To discussed potential herb-drug interactions
Examine dental chart noted and questionnaires of self-reported use of herbal remedies
Dental hygienists should have some herbal knowledge
Many herbs needed more clinical trials and research for better understanding of its properties and affects
Shared similar information regarding common herbs
5 Common Herbs in Both Articles
#1: Echinacea
Uses: Strengthens immune system, prevent colds and flu
Adverse Effects: Fever, nausea, vomiting, hepatoxicity (if used longer than 8 weeks)
Drug Interactions: Increase liver toxicity if used with acetaminophen
#2: Garlic
#3 Ginkgo biloba
Uses: improve cognitive function, for sexual dysfunction
Adverse Effects: Bleeding
Drug Interactions: Additive bleeding effects: warfarin, NSAIDs/aspirin
#4: Ginseng
#5 St. John's Wort
Article 1: "Alternative Medicine for the Dental Professional"
Systematic review
Glucosamine, peppermint, fish oil, soy, and ginger
List additional herbs affecting specific system of the body
Article 2: "Differences between Herbal and Nonherbal Users in Dental Practice"
Original survey research with systematic review
3-part survey to a convenience sample of 149 individuals
Focused on the herbs that the surveyed patients were using
Drug Interactions:
reduce effectiveness of oral contraceptives
cause tremors, seizures, and hypertension in patients taking antidepressant
NSAIDs/aspirin/warparin: prolonged bleeding
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