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The Grand Canyon

No description

Alex Frigon

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon
By: Ben Greco and Alex Frigon
The Grand Canyon
It is 2,218.91 miles from Boston Massachusetts to the Grand Canyon
THis video will
tell you how the
Grand Canyon was made and some great views

Fun Facts About Grand Canyon
the Grand Canyon is more than a mile deep (6,000ft)
the Grand Canyon is about 3 times taller than the tallest tallest building in the world ( burj khalifa in Dubai )
IN the Grand canyon
for every 1,000 feet
you decrease, the
temperature increases
5.5 degrees F.
THe absolute location of the Grand canyon is 36 degrees North and 112 degrees west.
Did you know?
The Grand Canyon Formed when two plates collided (the north american plate and the pacific plate) THe pacific went under and it formed a huge plateau that the Colorado River and side streams carve the width.

The Grand Canyon is 277 miles long, 18 miles wide and 6,000 miles deep.
Wild LIfe in Grand CAnyon
IN the Grand Canyon you can
find bald eagles, mountains lions, and big horn lions
THere are 90 species of mammals
350 species of birds
45 types of reptiles
9 types of amphibians
The Grand Canyon has one natural resource which is the Colorado river. The great Colorado river runs through the Grand Canyon and into the sea. The river is what keeps the Grand Canyon alive, it keeps the plants green so the animals always have something green to eat, it also allows the animals to drink fresh clean water .
The Grand Canyon was one of the first national parks.

The Grand Canyon is the second largest canyon in the world behind the tsangpo canyon in Tibet china.

The widest part of the Grand Canyon is longer than the average commute to work (15 miles average to work and 18 miles wide is the Grand Canyon)
The relative location of tHe Grand Canyon

The Grand canyon is in northwest Arizona, NOrthwest of phoenix about 228 miles away.

Colorado River
The rock at the bottom of the grand canyon is 2 billion years old called schists
Fun Fact
THanks FOr watching our presentation on the grand canyon

These are the links that we used to find reseach
There are not any Dinosaur fossil found in the grand canyon
Nearly 5 million people visit the GRand CAnyon eacH year
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