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Developing a Professional Resume

No description

Doug Leong

on 23 April 2018

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Transcript of Developing a Professional Resume


Purpose of a Resume?
Types of Resumes
Building your Resume
How many seconds, on average, does a recruiter/employer look at a resume before deciding next steps?

Resume Sections
Header (Contact Information)
Highlights of Qualifications or Profile
Professional Experience
Academic Projects
Volunteer Work
What are hiring managers looking for?
Why are you the right person for this job?

What specific skills, experience, and value can you bring to help solve their problems.

urrent Students/Recent graduates – Put education before work experience.

Master of Business Administration
Academic Completion: Aug. 2017
Beedie School of Business, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC
President, SFU Net Impact - Striving to make a positive environmental, social and economic impact in the Vancouver Community by advocating responsible and sustainable business practices.
CN/Joe Segal Scholarship - Awarded for academic excellence and involvement in entrepreneurial endeavours

Candidate, Chartered Financial Analyst Level 1
Exam: Jan, 2017
CFA Institute, Charlottesville, Virginia

Bachelor of Commerce
June 2008
University of Victoria, Victoria BC
Dean’s Honour Roll: 20XX, 20XX

Highlights of Qualifications

Think of this section as your NEWSPAPER HEADING

(Ask yourself, "What makes me unique and a good fit for this position")

4-6 bullet points that summarize your qualifications - industries in which you have experience, how long you have been working, level of seniority you have attained, and your relevant key strengths and skills - These statements NEED to be customized for each job.

Focus is on the “match” between your key skills and strengths and those which the employer is seeking

Don't write general skills (ie. teamwork, communication) unless you have extensive background/experience utilizing these skills.

May use bullet points (recommended) or paragraph form

May include other languages


Vancouver, BC
Telephone: 604-782-3605
Email: johns@sfu.ca
LinkedIn: ca.linkedin.com/injohnsmith

Developing Accomplishment Statements
Old style resumes focused on job responsibilities.

New style resumes focus on accomplishments.

Incorporate Hard/Transferable Skills into stories - Focus on the value you brought to the organization

Quantify your experiences (if possible) by noting %, # and $

BytePark, Berlin, Germany
May 2009 - June 2012

Technology-driven digital communications agency based in Berlin-Mitte. Focusing on open source technologies, web development, and creating high-performance classical and mobile applications.

Don't write "References Available Upon Request" at the end of your resume

Don't use personal pronouns or third person (I, me, my, we, they, them)

Don't make it longer than 2 pages

Don't include reasons for leaving job or termination

Don't include salary history

Don't make Font Size smaller than 10 or larger than 12

Don't use Acronyms

Don't use unusual Fonts (Use Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri, Garamond)

Don't make margins too wide or too narrow (use 1"/2.54 cm all around). "White Space" is important.

Resume Don'ts
The resume will not get you the job. It's is a marketing tool to get you an interview.
Traditional format
Easy to read and clearly demonstrates your job history and career advancement
Information or job duties/responsibilities are presented

Least preferred by recruiters/employers
Focuses on skills and and less focus on work experience
It can be used by people who are changing careers or who have gaps in their employment history

Preferred by most employers and recruiters
Incorporates the chronological and functional formats
Work experience is listed in reverse chronological order
Accomplishment statements are included under each work experience

BComm., MBA Candidate
List work experience in reverse chronological order

Descriptive paragraph (optional)

Scope Statement to describe level and overall description of the responsibilities of the job (optional)

Write accomplishment statements not job responsibilities

Professional Experience
Developing Accomplishment Statements
3) Explain how you achieved the result - use words such as "by" and "through".


Responsibility based statement (old way of writing statements):

Developed and implemented store merchandise plans


Responsibility based (old way of writing statements)::
Created marketing campaigns for new product launches

Example 4:

Responsibility based (old way of writing statements):
Duties involved maintaining positive relationships with clients

Right Align Dates by using "right tab". List in reverse chronological order.
Right Align
Descriptive Paragraph

BytePark, Berlin-Mitte, Germany

Technology-driven digital communications agency based in Berlin-Mitte. Focusing on open source technologies, web development, and creating high-performance classical and mobile applications.

Marketing Account Manager May 2009 - June 2012

Professional Experience
Right Align
Scope Statement
Managed all aspects of marketing campaigns, from the initial campaign pitch, to campaign setup, execution, review and reporting. Reported directly to company president.
Descriptive Paragraph

Add this section if you have limited related work experience and you have applied the relevant skill-set in practical settings throughout projects or other practical components during your studies.
A ‘Computer Skills’ section should not appear under its own heading UNLESS you have extensive skills and believe it will help market yourself in your targeted position (i.e. you plan to work in the IT industry).

Some items you may want to include are:

Volunteer activities
Membership in student or business clubs, board of directors, and professional associations (include any
leadership roles held)
Participation in team sports (including the level of competition and your role)


This section serves the purpose of providing more details around your personality as well as illustrating you are a balanced and well-rounded individual


Interests: Traveling - Strong interest in learning about different cultures. Have visited over 10 countries including hiking the Machu Picchu trail

Soccer - Avid soccer player from age six to college. Team captain for two seasons for college team

Vice-Chair, Board of Directors, Canadian Cancer Society March 2012 - May 2015

College Varsity Basketball Team Captain, Douglas College November 2010- January 2012
According to a study done by Workopolis....< 11 seconds
2) What skill do you want to highlight? What did you do? How did you add value? What was the impact/result

1) Start with an Action Verb (past tense) ie. Created, Managed, Developed, Led, Enhanced, Initiated, Negotiated, Streamlined
ERP, SAP Security Consulting


Responsibility based (old way of writing statements)::
Responsible for implementing a strategy for consolidating computer operations

Eliminate the phrases "duties included" or "responsible for" - *Translate your job duties into specific accomplishments*

Can include soft skills, such as "team player," "detail-oriented", etc if you can write an accomplishment statement that demonstrates how these skills brought value to your department, organization, and/or clients.

Not all accomplishment statements can be quantified...

Include statements in terms of efficiencies created, improved processes/productivity levels, increased capacity, etc.

(1) Carefully review the company’s job description, getting an overall feel for what they are looking for.

Ask yourself...Do I have at least 75% of what the employer is looking for including the "Required or Must-Haves"?

(2) Highlight keywords and phrases within the description that best represent the skills and experience they want.

Use these words and phrases as a guide to developing your accomplishments.
3) Using key words will help to get Past the Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
Descriptive Paragraph of Company (Optional)

If you worked for a small start-up company or worked abroad, it may not be evident from the company name what the company is involved in.

Immediately below the company’s name, include a brief 1-2 sentence description of the organization.
Scope Statements (Optional)

Brief statements that explain the overall mandate of a particular position held. If you reported to someone of a more senior level within the organization and this is not evident by your position title, this is an ideal place to make note of that.

Should only be 2-3 sentences long. It should encapsulate your overall mandate or responsibilities for that role.
ie. Led the increase in production by 15%
ie. Led the increase in production by 15% by implementing an advanced assembly procedure.
Action/Accomplishment Statements


Increased sales by 22% by developing and implementing store merchandising plans targeting consumer buying habits.
Reduced company costs by $200,000 by spearheading and implementing a strategy for consolidating computer operations from three centres to two, without interrupting processing times.
Exceeded revenue targets by spearheading an innovative marketing campaign developed through extensive competitor analyses, and the development of effective merchandising incentives.
Cultivated long-term relationships with clients through maintaining ongoing communication and facilitating solutions, in a timely manner, to address any issues/concerns.
Applicant Tracking System
Action/Accomplishment Staements
Write 2-5 accomplishment statements for each job

Experience in project management
Extensive knowledge of project management methodologies having successfully led the implementation of over 10 complex systems projects in business areas including: transportation logistics, security, and enterprise resource planning.
Work experience in the IT industry
Over four years of IT industry experience, including stakeholder management, business analysis, process design and risk management.
Excellent interpersonal, communication, and presentation skills developed from consulting with hundreds of business clients and delivering over 50 presentations to senior management.
Excellent communication and presentation skills
Strong quantitative skills
Strong quantitative skills developed through using a variety of statistical tools and through the creation of fianancial models
Example: Demonstrate Experience with Strategy

MBA Strategy Project:

Worked on an MBA team of 6 to analyze AMD's current organization and business in an effort to develop strategic recommendations which would allow the company to attain profitable growth. Recommendations included product development shifts, R&D organization changes, asset management changes, and focus on competitive sales channels.
Always check and double check your spelling and grammar!

Example: To, Two, Too
You're, Your

Don’t have to include full address any longer, only the city and province
Name is 2-4 font size larger, Bold, No Italics
If you have a preferred name you would like to called instead of your legal name, use parentheses around your preferred name

Ex. Atiqah (Ann) Zuradi
Legal Name
Preferred Name
Don't put your contact information as a
1) May show up as Gray text
2) Some applicant tracking systems (ATS) cannot read information in headers

Languages: English, French, Spanish, Mandarin
Languages: Full professional fluency in English and French; Intermediate level written and spoken Spanish; basic spoken Mandarin

Your goal is to target your resume as best as possible to what the employer is looking for

More is not better

Do not use the same resume for different positions

Don't include any personal information:

Church and/or political affiliations
Date/place of birth
Marital status
Social Insurance Number

"Increased employee engagement by collaborating with HR team to coordinate change management efforts for staffing new departments including recruitment, on-boarding, and training."

Website to help you target your resume...
Give context for anything listed
Spell out
VMock Inc. is a smart career preparation platform used by prestigious business schools around the world.

The platform provides you with a customized score for your resume by comparing it to Beedie-specific templates designed with feedback from hundreds of employers.

VMock provides line-by-line feedback for your resume and gives you individualized scores based on its impact, presentation, and business-specific competencies such as leadership, communication and initiative.
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