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Ta Moko - The Art of Female Tattoo in Te Ao Tawhito

No description

Emma Maurice

on 11 September 2012

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Transcript of Ta Moko - The Art of Female Tattoo in Te Ao Tawhito

Ta Moko Identity Wahine moko kauae Jules D'Urville Sources & Perspectives breast marking - 'Haehae' or 'Tohu Aroha' Female Moko decline of male moko & the rise of female moko Further Exploration The process of tattooing was termed ta moko, ta being the act of striking with the mallet and moko, the resultant pattern. genital tatto0 - ipu whakairo or tara whakairo facial tattoo - above & between the eyes, nose, lips and chin personal
tribal affiliation
unique to the wearer Elsdon Best & Percy Smith Ngahuia Te Awekotuku Dame Anne Salmond European Male Perspective
Closest to pre-contact
Product of time & environment
Manuscripts translated from māori into english
Technique & Processes Māori Female Perspective
Modern approach
Contemporary writing
Narration directly from māori sources
Focus on empowerment of identity restrictions & tikanga techniques, processes, design elements Mana Wahine within the context of Tā Moko what defines the mana of wahine moko kauae? And does this transcend time?
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