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Types of Soil

No description

Jackie Mancuso

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Types of Soil

Types of Soils Types of Soil Sandy Soil coarse texture
drains water quickly
easily eroded by wind and water
holds less water and nutrients
gritty texture
formed by different rocks
Silty Soil one of the most fertilizing
composed to minerals quartz as well as organic particles
looks similar to dark sand Clay Soil very fine grains
drainage in soil is very low
water logging can occur
formed after years of rock disintegration
heavy when wet
Loam Soil mixture of clay, silt, and sand
ideal soil for planting
various different forms of loam soil

Peaty Soil Made up of dead or decaying matter
found in marshy areas
not very high in nutrients
prone to water logging Chalky Soil consists of a large number of stones
prone to dryness
not very good for vegetation
lack nutritional elements needed for planting

Citations http://www.buzzle.com/articles/different-types-of-soil.html
Google Images Animal Life in Soil Earthworms--> 1 million per every acre of soil
microorganisms--> 100 million in 1 ounce of soil
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