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London 2012 Youth Games


Jamie Gough

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of London 2012 Youth Games

London 2012 Youth Games In my presentation i will be talking about my designs for the Youth Games and why mine are unique and are worthy for displays. First of all i will be talking about my Logo When i designed my logo i took numerous things into account.
What the logo had to advertise
What it needed to look like to stand out
what type of graphic it would be my design was based around a running track because of the running events in the Youth Games. This was also the case with my poster and my medal. I also took the olympic torch idea and put them all together to create my final logo. Where my logo would appear? Next i will be talking about my medal. My medal has many different points of interest such as: The logo is eye catching
on the back of the medal It is a simple yet effective design It stands out to the public audience so it shows them where you achieved the medal And finally the last thing about my medal is that it is well embossed so it is easy to define what is contained on the medal. And finally i will be talking about my poster I will now talk to you about my poster and how i came up with my designs My designs for the poster
were based around many
different things which
i will now talk to you about
now Thankyou for listening to my presentation File Type - DPP (also in GIF)
File Size - 158kb
Dimensions - Width - 1123 pixels
- Height - 1588 pixels
Resolution - 96 dpi i File Type - DPP file (also in GIF)
File Size - 151kb
Dimensions -
Height - 1158
Width - 1123
Resolution - 96 dpi File Type - PNG file (also in GIF)
Dimensions - 850 by 1162 pixels
Final Size - A3
Resolution - 96 dpi By Jamie Gough 11Mco my logo would appear in many different places.
for instant my logo would be on my poster so that people would know the company that it came from. my logo would be on anything that i have produced as it would notify the public that it was from my company. i thought about what things are
significant to the youth games and
cam up with the union jack due to the
youth games being held in Britain and also
i chose an event in which this case was the hurdles. my poster would be on billboards
or on the side of buses to advertise the youth games
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