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Empowering Writers- Expository

Tips on using Empowering Writers for expository writing

Allison Parsons

on 31 December 2012

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Transcript of Empowering Writers- Expository

Broad Yet Distinct Main Ideas Pick, List, and Choose

Main Ideas

Sentence Variety and Word Choice
Recognizing Genre/Organization Finding the difference between genres

Analyzing expository

Comparing different pieces

Irrelevant Details Empowering Writers:
Expository Writing Elaboration Detail Generating Questions:
Powerful Supporting Details
"Golden Bricks"
Quotes, Statistics, Descriptive Segments,Anecdotes, Amazing Facts



Introductions and Conclusions: Introduction:

A strong lead and topic sentence


A "sum up" of the main ideas Activities to Try:
Texts for Analysis
Organization-"The Pillar"
Diagraming Expository Writing
Splat! Main Idea Blurbs into sentences

The missing main idea
Word Referents
Sentence Starters
Descriptive Adjectives What does it look like?
Why is that important?
Is each detail in a separate sentence?
Did you give a specific example? Lead: Topic Sentence Strong Papers include
an exciting beginning! Catches the reader's attention with:
amazing/unusual fact
descriptive segment
anecdote Briefly and CLEARLY tells the reader what the piece is about! "I come home and plop down on my couch, exhausted. A warm ball of fur rubs against my ankles, jumps onto the couch and cuddles up, purring softly. Suddenly, I feel the stress of the day melting away. Without a doubt, cats are beautiful, easy to care for, and great company." A Strong Conclusion wraps it all up! Techniques for a strong conclusion:
Restate main idea as question
Word referent
Definitive words/phrases
Informative vebs
Hypothetical Anecdotes
Restatement of general topic sentence
"Would you enjoy a nature walk by the marsh or pond? Are you entertained by the flopping about of tadpoles and the leaping of long-legged green frogs? If so, you should get to know the common, yet fascinating frog!" Any Questions? www.empoweringwriters.com Empowering Writers
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