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K Gardner

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli by: Katie Gardner Cultural Diversity Media Log "Every life has a story..
if we only bother to read it" This video can give you a better perspective on how every person we meet might be passing through something that we don't even realize. We need to remember not to be quick to judge just because someone looks or acts different. We all have our own story. Making a better world
through diversity. When I saw this picture on Marta I was impressed that there are people out there promoting diversity.
In the article by Perkins, we can remember that we live in a country with many cultures and ethnicity.
If we choose to treat each other with respect we can find more joy in every day life. Coexist We all can identify with this picture because we attend a school that is so diverse not only in culture but religion also. The concept of coexist suggest that even though we have our differences we can learn to coexist together in this world. Social Class This comic suggest that the system out there is for the benefit of the upper class. That the working middle class are paying for the rich at the top to gain more. Many people believe the opposite is happening. They feel a lot of the working classes' money is being taxed to go to government welfare programs. Bully Awareness This video was made with the intention that more people become aware of the reality that bullying really happens and effects many people every day. I think people can gain a better understanding of the point from this video. We need to lift each other up, and recognize the signs of bullying, because it often leads to suicide. Protecting schools, at what costs. This image shows that in today's world, many schools are being protected with armed men and metal detectors. Some times this extreme type of protection causes students to feel like they are in some type of prison. Schools need protection but at what cost? Smart Blonde/Dumb Asian You look-a like a man "We Speak in Many Tongues" Parental involvement: Improving or getting worse? In this image we can plainly see the stereotype that blondes are dumb and asians are smart. This is another example of how people tend to judge someone by the way they look. You shouldn't assume that that blonde girl is dumb or that asian is smart, we are all different. Who really makes the standard in society on how men or women should act like or dress? This image shows a women who is wearing a suit and smoking a cigar, two things generally done by men. But the question arises, why do we as a society accept or not accept the way a person looks? In this image it shows little people attempting to communicate. It seems like some of them are successfully getting their point across, but others are stumped. We live in a country with people from diverse countries and many languages. As we embrasse our differences with an open mind, communication is truly possible. This image is an example of someone's perspective on how parent's reaction to a bad grade was in 1960 and how it is more recently, in 2010. We know that parent involvment can greatly impact a student's success, but in reality it can also prevent them from truly learning.
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