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Book Week

No description

Elen Belsan

on 12 October 2015

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Transcript of Book Week

The Minnow
Author/illustrator: Diana Sweeney.
Publisher: Text publishing.
Older readers:
Title: Go to sleep, Jessie!
Written By: Libby Gleeson
Published: 1st of November, 2014

Early Childhood Catergory:
Early childhood:
Pig the pug
Author/illustrator: Aaron Blabey.
Published: 1st July 2014
A presentation By Ella & Elen
Book Week:
This year's book week theme:
Books light up our world.

We were asked to write about the books chosen for book week, which altogether are 30 books. There are several categories, including Picture Books, Older readers and so on.

Illustrator with most picks: Freya Blackwood
Author with most picks: Libby Gleeson.

Early Childhood Catergory
Older readers continued:
Younger readers:
Two wolves
Author/illustrator: Tristan Bancks.
Publisher:Random house Australia.
The simple things
Author/illustrator: Bill Condon,Beth Norling.
Publisher:Allen & Unwin.
Synopsis: A old man tells his grandson that their is a violent battle going on inside him. this man explains that thier are two wolves one bad and the other good. The boy asks 'Who will win?' and the man responds 'whoever you feed'...
Synopsis: Stephen is going to his aunt Lola's house to stay for three whole weeks until her birthday. Stephen has never met aunt Lola in person before and he doesn't want to find out now...
Figgy in the world
Author/illustrator: Tamsin Janu.
Publisher:Omnibus books,scholastic Australia.
Synopsis: Fggy is a girl that has problems well she thinks...She goes on a big journey to America for her grandmothers medicine will she make it home with medicine for her grandma Ama.
Younger readers continued:
A Stella Montgomery intrigue
Author/illustrator: Judith Rossell.
Publisher:ABC books,Harper Collins publishers.
Synopsis: Stella Montgomery is a young orphan who lives with her three aunts. But then she sees something that sets off a great adventure.
Synopsis: Pig the Pug was a greedy and selfish pug. He is very rude, bad-mannered and annoying. And when Pig the Pug is wanted to share his toys, something unbelievable happens... will Pig the Pug learn his lesson?
Little baby Jessie will not go to sleep because she is crying. Big sister Jo is not very pleased when Jessie's cot gets placed in her room, because she refuses to go to sleep! What will happen?
Title: Scary Night
Written by: Lesley Gibbes
Published: July 2014
One night, three friends set out on a journey. The hare, the cat and the pig. Where are they going in the middle of the night? They'll find out once the mystery is solved...
Title: Nona & me
Author/illustrator: Atinks, Clare.
Publisher: Black Inc.
Nona and Rosie are sisters
They are also bestfriends.
It doesn't matter if Rosie
is white and Nona is a
aboriginal. the girls are
incapable of being seperated
until Nona moves away...
Title: Are you seeing me?
Author/illustrator: Darren Groth.
Publisher: Random house Australia.

Title: Noni the Pony goes to the Beach
Written By: Alison Lester
1st October, 2014
Noni the Pony and her friends Dave the dog and Coco the cat go down to the beach on a sunny day for an adventure. Follow her journey with rhymes and pictures today!
Synopsis:Twins Justine and Perry are about to begin a journey of a lifetime in the Pacific Northwest.
It's been a year since they watched their dad loose his battle with cancer. they're seeking to create the perfect memories...

Title: Intruder
Author/illustrator: Christine Bonges.
Publisher: Random House Australia.

Synopsis: Kat Jones is woken by an Intruder looming over her bed. She's saved by Edwina the neighbour Kat believes betrayed her dying mother.
When she meets Al at the dog park Kat finally has someone to talk to, someone who cares.
But she needs Edwina's help...

Title: A House of Her Own
Author: Jenney Hughes
Published: September 2014
When Audrey wants a house of her own as she was growing, her dad didn't bat an eyelid. They decided to make her a treehouse! Audrey has so many wishes... But will she enjoy it as much as she expected?
Title: The incredible adventures of cinnamon girl
Author/illustrator: Melissa Kel.
Publisher: Hardie Grant Egmont.

Title: Snail and Turtle are Friends
Written By: Stephen Michael King
Published: 1st May 2014
Snail and Turtle are friends. They are similar yet different to each other. Follow their journey of friendship and fun.
Synopsis: Alba loves her life just as it is.
She loves living behind the bakery, waking up in a cloud of sugar and cinnamon.
She also loves drawing comics and watching TV with her friends.
The only problem is Alba has overlooked a few tiny details...

Picture Books of the Year
Title: Rivertime
Author: Trace Balla
Published: April 2014
A young boy and his bird-watching uncle make a big paddling trip across Australia's Glenelg River. This is a story about slowing down and growing up, connecting with our land and creatures.
Title: One Minute's Silence
Author: David Metzenthen
Published: August 2014
In one minute's silence, you can remember and imagine the Australian blokes in 1915, running up the beach. You can imagine the Turks from above, defending what's theirs. You can imagine the enemy, and realise he's not that different. You can imagine what you want and honour those who shed their blood and lost their lives in one minute.
Title: The Stone Lion
Author: Margaret Wild
Published: 2014
The mighty stone lion standing outside a library, wished he could feel feelings, or understand or why librarian Ben, who would lean against him and read a book would laugh or cry. He wished he could be alive. One day, for a short time, he gets the wish granted... in order to complete something good.
Title: Fire
Author: Jackie French
Published: 1st February 2014
Created through the bushfires that have occurred in Australia, Fire is a touching book that shows the fire in the eyes of a cockatoo. Not only does it show destruction, it also shows new life and hope, in pictures and rhyming verses.
Picture Books of the Year- Continued
Title: My Two Blankets
Author: Irena Kobald
Published: February 2014
Cartwheel arrives in a new country, seeking shelter in her old blanket. Over time, she continues to make a new one, filled with memories.
Title: The Duck and the Darklings
Author: Glenda Millard
Published: April 2014
Peterboy wants to find a present for his pop and when he finds a small duck, wounded and broken, Grandpa's eyes shine as he mends it and helps it from beak to tail.
The cleo stories the necklace and the present
Authoor/illustrator: Libby Gleeson & Freya Blackwood.
Publisher: Allen & Unwin.
Synopsis: Cleo urgently wants a necklace. But her parents said to her that only special presents are for birthdays. But Cleo doesn't want to wait.
Bleakboy and Hunter stand out in the rain
Author/illustrator: Steven Herrick.
Publisher: University of Queensland press.

Synopsis: Jesse is an 11 year old boy solving difficult tasks especially fitting into a new school. luckily he meets Kate she want to 'save the whales' and she needs Jesse's help.
Synopsis: Tom has survived a devastating flood that claimed the lives of her sister and Tom's parents. Now Tom lives with Bill in his old shed by the lake. But it’s time to move out because Tom is pregnant with Bill’s baby...
The protected
Author/illustrator: Claire Zorn
Publisher: University of Queensland press.
Synopsis: Hannah's world is all over the place and she doesn't need a school counsellor to tell her that she has phychological issues. With a mother that is depressed an injured dad and a dead sister. Will all of Hannah's problems disappear...
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