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Ancient Persia Burial Practices

Ancient History Assignment

Harrison Cochrane

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of Ancient Persia Burial Practices

Burial Practices
Located in what is now Iran
1000 BC - 641 AD
Religious Beliefs
They gave a lot to societies today
Persia had 3 main Dynasty's:
Didn't follow Islamic religion
Founded by Zoroaster
Ancient History Assignment
By Harrison Cochrane
After-Life Beliefs
Were not buried until torn up by either a dog or bird of prey
About the Religion
Has two gods:
ahura Mazda (wisdom)
Ahirman (destruction)
Believed that earth had good and evil force
Later priest added more gods (6)
Body was covered in wax and then buried in the ground
The Magi (priest helped bury them)
Not a lot of people like to talk about the way the Persians were Buried
The Shinvat Bridge is a place of judgement
Thoughts, words and actions determine resting place
Religion was incorporated
Unlawful to burn dead
Burning is bad because there is a fire god
Ancient Persia doesn't have a big connection between its burial practices and the religion
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